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Research Interests

Networked Markets; Network Games; Bargaining; Cascades on Networks; Search; Matching

Recent Publications

Published Papers

Chen, J., Elliott, M. and Koh, A. Capability Accumulation and Conglomeratization in the Information Age, Journal of Economic Theory, (2023) vol 210
Elliott, M., Golub, B. and Leduc, M. V. Supply Network Formation and Fragility, American Economic Review, (2022) vol 112 no. 8 pp. 2701-2747
Elliott, M., Georg, C-P. and Hazell, J. Systemic Risk Shifting in Financial Networks, Journal of Economic Theory, (2021) vol 191 no. 105157
Ambrus, A. and Elliott, M. Investments in Social Ties, Risk Sharing, and Inequality , Review of Economic Studies, (2021) vol 88(4) pp. 1624–1664
Agranov, M. and Elliott, M. Commitment and (in) Efficiency: A Bargaining Experiment, Journal of the European Economic Association, (2021) no. jvaa012
Elliott, M., and Galeotti, A. The Role of Networks in Antitrust Investigations, Oxford Review of Economic Policy, (2019) vol 35(4) pp. 614–637
Elliott, M., Goyal, S. and Teytelboym, A. Networks and Economic Policy, Oxford Review of Economic Policy, (Winter 2019) vol 35(4) pp. 565–585

Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

Elliott, M., Jackson, M. O. Supply Chain Disruptions, the Structure of Production Networks, and the Impact of Globalization, (2024) CWPE2424
Agranov, M., Elliott, M., Ortoleva, P. I know best: Scepticism about the Knowledge of Experts and Peers on Economics Predictions, (2024) CWPE2423
Elliott, M., Golub, B., Leduc, M. V. Corporate Culture and Organizational Fragility, (2023) CWPE2314
Elliott, M., Galeotti, A., Koh, A., Li, W. Matching and Information Design in Marketplaces, (2023) CWPE2313
Boa, I., Elliott, M., Foster, D. A Capability Approach to Merger Review, (2023) CWPE2312

Conference Publication

Elliott, M., Golub, B. and Leduc, M. V. Networked markets and relational contracts, (2017) Thirteenth International Conference on Web and Internet Economics, WINE 2017, Bangalore, India
Elliott, M. and Golub, B. A network approach to public goods, (2013) Fourteenth ACM Conference on electronic commerce, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Recent Activities

J M Keynes Fellowship Fund Lectures 2024
Professor Bart Lambrecht (Judge Business School), Professor Debopam Bhattacharya (Faculty of Economics), Professor Matthew Elliott (Faculty of Economics) and Professor Meredith Crowley (Faculty of Economics) will all speak at the J M Keynes Fellowship Fund annual lecture.
Event Date - Thursday 15th February 2024

Sloan Foundation awards Economics a grant for meso-economics
The co-principal Investigators Professor Vasco Carvalho, and Professor Matthew Elliott, have been awarded a grant of a quarter of a million US dollars by the Sloan Foundation to bring towards the mainstream of economics a branch of research on meso-economics.
Published on - Thursday 14th September 2023

Four new professors in Economics faculty
Four academics at the Faculty of Economics have been promoted to Professor grades at the University of Cambridge.
Published on - Thursday 16th June 2022

Weak links in supply chains are weaponised
An article in Nature magazine this week notes that weak links in finance and supply chains can be easily weaponised. It quotes the paper Prof. Vasco Carvalho, Prof. Matthew Elliot and John Spray, Supply Chain Bottlenecks in a Pandemic.
Published on - Tuesday 10th May 2022

How would an energy embargo affect Germany’s economy?
Professor Vasco Carvalho's research on Production Networks and Professor Matthew Elliott's research into Supply Network Formation and Fragility has been quoted in The Economist.
Published on - Friday 29th April 2022

Research Grants

Embedded Markets and the Economy (EMBED) (European Research Council (ERC), Starting Grant)
Collaborative Research: The Economic Benefits of Investing into Social Relationships (National Science Foundation (NSF))

The Janeway Institute for Economics

Coordinator for Networks, Crowds and Markets Research Theme

Keynes Fund Sponsored Projects

Elliott, M., Free-Riding and Group Cooperation (JHOP)
Elliott, M., Ortoleva, P. and Agranov, M., Experts Opinions and Persuasion in Times of Uncertainty (JHUP)
Elliott, M., The Economic Implications of the Structure of Trade and Production Networks (JHWD)

COVID-19 Economic Research

Special Feature: Supply Chain Bottlenecks in a Pandemic
Supply Network Formation and Fragility


PIIA Paper 1 - Michaelmas - Game Theory, Welfare, and Applications
MPhil R100 Microeconomics
PHD11 - Economic Theory

PhD Students


Alastair Langtry
PhD Title:
Research: Networks, Political Economy
Shane Mahen
PhD Title:
Research: Networks and Supply Chains
Sarah Rose Taylor
PhD Title:
Research: Primary: Microeconomic Theory
Secondary: Network Theory, Political Economics, and Industrial Organisation
Yifan Zhang
PhD Title:


Fulin Guo
PhD Title:
Research: Networks, Behavioural and Experimental Economics, AI/ML in Economics
Ruohan Qin
PhD Title:
Research: Networks, Game Theory, and Economics of Conflict

Professor Matthew Elliott

Professor of Economics
Faculty Executive Director of Research

Research Group:
Microeconomic Theory

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Room: 42
Office Hours:
1-2pm for undergraduates
2-3pm for graduate students