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Published Refereed Papers

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Published Refereed Chapters

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Other Published Papers

  • “A Monthly Indicator of GDP”, (with E. Salazar, M.R. Weale and S. Wright). National Institute Economic Review, No. 3 (1997), 84-90. 6.5 Papers Submitted or Under Revision

  • “Discrete Choice Nonresponse”, (with E.J. Ramalho). Under revision for resubmission to Review of Economic Studies.

  • “Goodness of Fit Tests for Moment Condition Models”, (with J.J.S. Ramalho). Under revision for resubmission to Econometric Theory.

  • “GEL Methods for Non-Smooth Moment Indicators”, (with P.M.D.C. Parente). Under revision for resubmission to Econometric Theory.

  • “A Bayesian Indicator of Manufacturing Output from Qualitative Business Panel Survey Data”, (formerly “Aggregate versus Disaggregate Survey-Based Indicators of Economic Activity”), (with J. Mitchell and M.R. Weale). Submitted to Economic Journal.

  • “GEL Criteria forMoment Condition Models”. Under revision for resubmission to Econometric Theory.

  • “Approximations to the Distribution of Conditional Moment Test Statistics”, (with A. Chesher and S. Peters). Under revision for submission to Econometric Theory.

Unpublished Working Papers

  • “Regression-Based Tests of the Seasonal Unit Root Hypothesis”, (with A.M.R. Taylor). Discussion Paper 99-15, University of Birmingham (1999).

  • “Refined Asymptotic Comparisons of Classical Tests for Exogeneity”, (with M. Magdalinos). Working paper, University of Cambridge (1992).

  • “Testing for Seasonal Factorisations in Time Series Models”, (with A.R. Tremayne). Discussion Paper No. ES208, University of Manchester (1988).

  • “Least Squares Theory and the Hausman Specification Test”, (with G.R. Fisher). Discussion Paper No. 641, Institute for Economic Research, Queen’s University (1985).

  • “Separability, Exogeneity and Conditional Demand Models”, (with R.W. Blundell). Working paper, University of Manchester (1984).

  • “Lagrange Multiplier and Specification Tests for the Validity of Instrumental Variables”. Discussion Paper No. ES122, University of Manchester (1983).

  • “On C(α) Tests in Econometrics”. Working paper, University of Manchester (1982).

  • “Separable Hypotheses and Testing for Recursivity in the Triangular Simultaneous Equations Model”. Discussion Paper No. ES111, University of Manchester (1981).

  • “Some Tests for Independence in the Seemingly Unrelated Regression Equations Model”. Working paper, University of Manchester (1980).

  • “Two Asymptotically Equivalent Classes of Consistent Estimators for a Random Coefficient Model”. Discussion Paper No. ES110, University of Manchester (1979).

Book Reviews

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