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Downloadable Papers

Selected Recent Journal Articles

Newbery, D.M. and G Santos, (1999) `Road Taxes, Road User Charges and Earmarking', Fiscal Studies, 20(2), 103-32. Earlier version available here.

Newbery, D. M. (1997) `Optimal Tax Rates and Tax Design during Systemic Reform', Journal of Public Economics, 63, 177-206

Selected Conference Presentations

Newbery, D.M. (2003) 'Electricity Market Design: Experiences and Issues in Britain', 26th Annual IAEE Conference, Prague.

Newbery, D.M. (2002) `Regulatory challenges to European electricity liberalisation' was presented at the conference Regulatory Reform - Remaining Challenges for Policy Makers held in Stockholm on June 10, 2002. Paper

Newbery, D.M. (2002) `Mitigating market power in electricity networks' was presented at the SSPA Italian Advanced School of Public Administration International conference on Towards a European Market of Electricity: what have we learned from recent lessons? Spot market design, derivatives and regulation in Rome on 24-5 June, 2002 Paper

Newbery, D.M. (2002) `Liberalising electricity markets' was present at the 25th Annual IAEE International Conference held at Aberdeen on 28 June, 2002 Paper

Newbery, D.M. (2001) `Harmonizing Energy Taxes in the EU'(paper presented at the conference Tax Policy in the European Union, Ministry of Finance, The Hague, October 2001). Paper | Slides

Newbery, D.M. (2001) `Regulating electricity to ensure efficient competition', paper presented at the CEPR/ESRC Workshop on The Political Economy of Regulation, London, 1 November 2001 Paper | Slides

Newbery, D.M. (2001) `Economic reform in Europe: Integrating and liberalizing the market for services' paper presented at the IESE conference on Building a more dynamic Europe, Barcelona, 27 November 2001 Paper | Slides

`British electricity restructuring: from the Pool to NETA' paper presented to the MIT Energy and Environmental Policy Workshop on 6 December 2001 Slides

Gilbert, R.J., K. Neuhoff and D.M. Newbery (2001) `Mediating market power in networks' (paper presented at the CEPR- TMR workshop The Evolution of Market Structure in Network Industries in Lisbon on 6 October) Paper

Newbery, D.( (2001), ‘Regulating unbundled network utilities’, paper for presentation at the EARIE conference in Dublin on 30 August 2001

Newbery , D.((2001), ‘Problems of liberalising the electricity industry’, paper for presentation at the EEA meetings in Lausanne on 1 Sep 2001

Santos, G. and D. Newbery (2001),"Urban congestion charging: theory, practice and environmental consequences" , presented at the Workshop on Environmental Economics and the Economics of Congestion, CESifo, Venice Summer Institute, Venice, July 19-22, 2001.

Newbery, D.(1997), ‘Pool Reform and Competition in Electricity’ ., presented at the IES\LBS Lectures on Regulation Series VII

The text of theIAEE meeting in Quebec City, May 15th, 1998

The 53rd Spurrier Lecture given on May 5th, 1998. The figures are also available.

Official Working Papers

DAE Working Papers

Santos, G. and D.M. Newbery, (2002) "Estimating urban road congestion charges", CEPR Discussion paper 3176

Newbery, D.M. (2002) "Economic Reform in Europe: Intgegrating and Liberalizing the Market for Services", CEPR Discussion paper 3183

Santos, G. and D.M. Newbery, (2001) "Urban congestion charging: theory, practice and environmental consequences", CESIfo Working Paper 568

Affuso, L. and D.M. Newbery (2000) `Investment, Reprocurement and Franchise Contract Length in the British Railway Industry', CEPR Discussion Paper 2619.

Other Papers

Santos, G., D. Newbery and L. Rojey (2001), `Traffic Management with Congestion Charging in Different English Towns', presented at the 9th World Conference on Transport Research, Seoul, Korea, July 22-27, 2001.

Santos, G., L. Rojey and D. Newbery (2001), `Congestion Management with Tags or Smart Cards’, (presented at the Conference of the Institute of Transportation Engineers, Monterey, California, March 25-28, 2001

Newbery, D. M. (1999) "The UK Experience: Privatisation with Market Power" (draft) prepared for the CEPR Monitoring European Deregulation: Electricity is available here, along with the figures.

The zipped copy of "The restructuring and Privatisation of the CEGB - was it worth it?". The zip file comprises 5 sequentially numbered sections plus a file of the figures, all in postscript form.
2 PDF files displaying 5 tables are also available - Tab1.pdf and Tab4.pdf. Newbery , D.((1997), ‘The regulator's view of the English electricity Pool’

Newbery, D.M (1998) `Rate-of-return regulation versus price regulation for public utilities

Newbery, D. M. (1997) `Privatisation and Liberalisation of Network Utilities', European Economic Review, 41(3-5), 357-84

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