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Research Interests

Labor Economics, Education Economics, Family Economics, Psychology Economics

Selected Publications

Published Papers

Todd, P. E. and Zhang, W. A Dynamic Model of Personality, Schooling, and Occupational Choice, (2020) Quantitative Economics
Flinn, C. J., Todd, P. E. and Zhang, W. Personality Traits, Intra-Household Allocation and the Gender Wage Gap, (2018) European Economic Review

Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

Todd, P., Zhang, W. Distributional Effects of Local Minimum Wages: A Spatial Job Search Approach, (2022) CWPE2265
Ran Gu, Cameron Peng and Weilong Zhang The Gender Gap in Household Bargaining Power: A Portfolio-Choice Approach, (2021) CWPE2130
Chuan, A. and Zhang, W. Non-College Occupations, Workplace Routinization, and the Gender Gap in College Enrollment, (2021) CWPE2177
Behrman, J., Parker, S., Todd, P. and Zhang, W. Prospering through Prospera: CCT Impacts on Educational Attainment and Achievement in Mexico, (2021) CWPE2178
Flinn, C. J., Todd, P. E. and Zhang, W. Personality Traits, Job Search and the Gender Wage Gap, (2020) CWPE2053

Recent Activities

Household Savings and Inequality: from Micro to Macro
The Janeway Institute, ESRC, The Keynes Fund and SHARE will be co-sponsoring a conference on "Household Savings and Inequality: from Micro to Macro", from 23-25th March 2023.
Event Date - Thursday 23rd March 2023 - Saturday 25th March 2023

Keynes Fund Celebrates 10 years
A decade of the Keynes Fund was celebrated with their nineth annual Research Day. Which featured a diverse collection of research papers presented, from funded projects.
Published on - Tuesday 6th December 2022

Early Life Skills and Human Capital Development Mini Conference
Cambridge-INET, the Centre for Macroeconomics and the Cambridge Faculty of Economics are holding a Mini Conference on the "Early Life Skills and Human Capital Development Mini Conference". It will take place on Wednesday 12th May 2021, 2.00pm-5.50pm BST (UK) and will be held online. See the event page for more details.
Event Date - Wednesday 12th May 2021

How Do People React To Lockdown?
Dr. Weilong Zhang and Xiaomeng Li (MPhil Student) have just published a Special Feature on The COVID-19 Economic Research website about "Pandemic Personalities: How do People React to Lockdown?", which explores whether a persons personality traits have an effect on their response to the COVID-19 crisis.
Published on - Friday 26th June 2020

COVID Economics Alumni Webinar Series
Cambridge-INET and Dr. Meredith Crowley are hosting a series of public lectures for Cambridge Alumni. The fifth of these webinars "How do Personal Attributes Affect an Individual's Engagement with Society Under COVID?", will take place on Friday 12th June 2020, at 1.00pm and feature talks by Dr Sriya Iyer and Dr Weilong Zhang. Please see the Cambridge-INET COVID Economics Alumni webinar series webpage for details.
Published on - Monday 1st June 2020

Research Grants

Risk Attitude and Portfolio Choice: An Intra-household Perspective (British Academy)

Keynes Fund Sponsored Projects

Zhang, W., Who Wears the Pants? Household Risk Attitudes and Intra-Household Financial Decision-Making (JHUN)

COVID-19 Economic Research

Research Blog: Pandemic Personalities: How do People React to Lockdown?


PIIA Paper 7 - Signalling, Wages Structure, Unions
PIIB Paper 1 - Contracts & Regulations, Education & Health
PIIB Paper 7 - Topics in Public Economics: Signalling, Job Search and Family Structure
S180 Labour Economics
PhD12 - Topics in Applied Microeconomics

PhD Students


Xuyi Yang
PhD Title:
Research: Applied Microeconomics, Labour Economics, and Productivity and Growth


Shengjuan He
PhD Title: Flexible working, commuting cost and female labour market outcomes
Tianyu Pang
PhD Title:
Research: Empirical Microeconomics, Ageing and Retirement, Annuity Markets
Yuting (Tina) Zhang
PhD Title:
Research: Applied Microeconomics, Economics of Ageing, Public Policy

Dr Weilong Zhang

University Associate Professor

Research Group:
Empirical Microeconomics

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Room: 46
Office Hours: Fridays 4:00-5:00pm