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Research Interests

Economics of Innovation, Venture Capital

Recent Publications

Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

Janeway, W. H., Nanda, R. and Rhodes-Kropf, M. Venture Capital Booms and Startup Financing, (2021) CWPE2147

Recent Activities

The VC Effect: The Right Tech at the Right Time? - Publication Date: 2021-07-05
William Janeway researches the relationship between venture capital booms and startups. He examines the way they are related to but also distinct from macroeconomic business cycles and stock market fluctuations.

Venture Capital in the 21st Century - Publication Date: 2021-02-15
Dr William H Janeway, an affiliated member of the Faculty of Economics, has launched a new video series that explores economic growth and development through technological innovation.

The Master And The Prodigy - Publication Date: 2020-09-30
There is little doubt that John Maynard Keynes fundamentally shaped economics and policymaking in the twentieth century. Less appreciated is that he owes some of his central insights to a brilliant Cambridge polymath who died in 1930 at age 26. Want to know more? Read Dr. Bill Janeway’s essay.

COVID-19 is Not World War II - William H. Janeway - Publication Date: 2020-04-28
Dr. William H. Janeway's article titled "Covid 19 is not World War II" which discusses how the COVID-19 era has little in common with the US mobilization for war in the 1940s has appeared in Project Syndicate.

The (Political and Financial) Economics of Transformational Technology - Publication Date: 2019-05-29
Bill Janeway will give a talk on "The (Political and Financial) Economics of Transformational Technology" at Wolfson College, Cambridge, on Wednesday 5th June 2019, from 6.00pm - 7.15pm. Please book a place.

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MPhil F530 - Venture Capital

Dr William H Janeway

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