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Research Interests

Macroeconomic Theory and the Economics of Optimal Taxation

Recent Publications

Published Papers

Brendon, C., Paustian, M. and Yates, T. Self-Fulfilling Recessions at the Zero Lower Bound, Journal of Monetary Economics (2019)

Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

Brendon, C. and Ellison, M. Time-Consistently Undominated Policies, (2018) CWPE1809

Research Grants

A Dynamic Economic And Monetary Union (ADEMU) (Horizon 2020, Societal Challenges (SC))


PI Paper 2 - Lent - Macroeconomic Principles II
PIIA Paper 2 - Michaelmas - Intertemporal Macroeconomics
PIIB Paper 7 - Michaelmas & Lent - Public Economics

PhD Students


Jason Lu
PhD Title: Chapters in Macroeconomics and Macroeconomics
Research: Macroeconomics, Housing Markets and Asset Pricing
Andrew Hannon
PhD Title: The Links between Bank and Sovereign Risk


Timo Haber
PhD Title: Three Essays in Modern Macroeconomics
Research: Macroeconomics, Heterogenous Agents Models, Computational Methods
Balduin Bippus
PhD Title: International Finance

Charles Brendon

El-Erian Fellow in Macroeconomics

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