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Invited Lectures:

SynTalk, Mumbai, India as a SynTalkr for #TSAWM (The Strong And Weak Modes). December 22, 2018.

Winter School 2017 Lecture, Delhi School of Economics. December 2017.

Public Lecture at Oxford Mathematical Institute. June 2017.
Lecture Podcast

The Paul Kleindorfer Lecture. University of York. June 2017.

Plenary Lecture, Stony Brook Game Theory Conference, New York. 2016.

Jerusalem Lectures. 2016.

Keynote Lecture WEHIA, Spain. 2016.

Keynote Lecture at Conference in the Bank of Mexico. 2015.

Annual Guest Lecture at Queen Mary, London. 2015

Workshop on Information in Networks, New York. October 2015.

Beijing Lectures 2015.

World Congress of Econometric Society, Montreal. 2015.

São Paolo Lectures. 2014.

Berlin Lectures. 2014.

Keynote Talk at 2013 Southern California Symposium.

Keynote Lecture EMNET 2013, Agadir, Morocco.

2013 Annual Lecture, European Academy of Sociology. Paris.

Keynote Lecture in Belgian Networks Meetings. October 2013

The 18th Coalition Theory Network Workshop. February 2013

CIRANO, Montreal. November 2012.

The Pareto Lecture, ASSET 2012, Cyprus. October 2012.

WIN NYU, New York. September 2012.

Latsis Symposium, Zurich. September 2012.

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. July 2012.

WEHIA 2012, Paris.

Professor Sanjeev Goyal

Arthur C. Pigou Professor of Economics

On Leave 2023-2024

Research Group:
Microeconomic Theory

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Room: 47
College: Fellow of Christ's College