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Faculty of Economics

Demand and Welfare Analysis using Micro-data

Coins and Services

Title: Demand and Welfare Analysis using Micro-data

Sponsor: Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

Award Number: G114259

Description: Cost-benefit calculations are central to policy analysis of common market interventions such as taxes/subsidies on products and services, relaxing or restricting consumers' choice sets and behavioral nudges to steer under-informed decision-makers towards their optimal choice. The proposed project aims to develop novel econometric tools for cost-benefit analysis of such interventions using micro-level data. These tools will be useful both for understanding the nature of consumer preferences from observed choice behaviour, and for applying that knowledge to assess existing and potential public policies in terms of their impact on social welfare in a variety of important real-life contexts such as education, housing, healthcare and vacation rentals. Part of this project will be conducted in collaboration with Dr Kai Liu of the Economics department.

Principal Investigator

Professor Debopam Bhattacharya


Dr Kai Liu

Coins and Serivces

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