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Teaching, Learning & Innovation Fund Award

Dr. Toke Aidt, Mr. Oleg Kitov and Dr. Vasileios Kotsidis have been awarded a grant by the Teaching, Learning & Innovation Fund (TLIF). Their project is titled "Learning By Doing: Introducing Practice Tests and Sustainable Feedback in the Economics Tripos".

Project Overview: We propose to introduce retrieval practice and sustainable feedback as learning tools in the Economics Tripos. We will design and implement a series of formative assessment tasks to enhance learning in the problem-based undergraduate Economics courses. Our main goals are to support students in reaching lasting learning outcomes and becoming life-long learners. To achieve these goals, we will use evidence-based, mastery-oriented active learning methods that stimulate conceptual understanding such as practice tests, self-assessment, peer-assessment, cooperative learning, spacing and interleaving. These learning methods will supplement traditional lectures and supervisions. Regular practice tests will stimulate deep understanding and improve exam performance. Self- and-peer assessment of tests will promote the development of evaluative judgement, reflection and self-regulation in learning.

Published on - Monday 5th October 2020



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