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Faculty of Economics

2021-22 Marshall Lecture


Ariel Rubinstein

(School of Economics, Tel Aviv University &
Department of Economics, New York University)

gave two lectures on

"Economics without prices and without games"

what videos of both and an interview with Prof. Rubinstein below:





Ariel Rubinstein

Ariel Rubinstein is a professor of economics at the School of Economics at Tel Aviv University and the Department of Economics at New York University. He works in Economic Theory, Bounded Rationality, Game Theory, Experimental Economics and Choice Theory.

The lectures will present several theoretical models where conflicts between insatiable wants and limited resources are resolved through social institutions like ‘norms about the permissible and the forbidden’, ‘social status’, ‘preference biases’ and ‘power’ rather than ‘prices and money’. The models will differ fundamentally from the standard economic theoretical models which focus on prices and games.


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