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Economics News | Published on: Wednesday, 15 March, 2023

Finally, a huge thank you, and goodbye, to Silvana Dean, Joanna Gathercole and Sue Wallman who have all retired from the Faculty. We are grateful for their many year’s service, and they will be well remembered by many alumni.

Media Mentions & Appearances | Published on: Monday, 20 February, 2023

The Faculty's Assistant Professor of Economics Alexander Rodnyansky is an economic adviser to Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky. He has given many media interviews, and most recently has been interviewed by the Times, about life in Zelensky's Ukraine war bunker.

Media Mentions & Appearances | Published on: Friday, 17 February, 2023

Professor Christopher Rauh, a Fellow of Trinity College Cambridge, and a Research Affiliate at CEPR, has launched his book, Nation Building: Big lessons from Successes and Failures on 28 Feb 2023, at CEPR and his research Professor Christopher Rauh’s discussion paper published by the Centre for Economic Policy Research has been mentioned in an article by Reuters on the tough jobs market. He and economist Marta Golin found a "strong relationship" between worry about automation and intentions to join a union, retrain or switch occupations, preference for taxation and government handouts, populist attitudes and voting intentions.

Click the link above to watch the video.

Media Mentions & Appearances | Published on: Monday, 6 February, 2023

Charles Read (Corpus Christi College), an affiliated lecturer for the economics faculty, has been quoted in the Guardian about Liz Truss’ mini budget. He says he spoke to civil servants about the risk of a fast rise in interest rates and sent a paper sent to the then chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng, a fortnight before the mini-budget. He told the Guardian “If interest rates rise any faster than they were, Britain’s financial stability will be imperilled and there is likely to be another financial crisis stemming from systemic risks in the non-banking sector”.

Media Mentions & Appearances | Published on: Wednesday, 1 February, 2023

Professor Meredith Crowley (Fellow of St. John's College) was interviewed on the BBC 2 TV programme Newsnight with her analysis of the state of the UK economy three years on from Brexit. The Faculty of Economics Professor and Janeway Institute Transmission Mechanisms & Economic Policy Theme Coordinator, said there were some brakes on trade and if there was an easy way to solve them, these steps would already have been taken.

Media Mentions & Appearances | Published on: Wednesday, 18 January, 2023

An Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics Christopher Rauh's research has been featured in the Economist Magazine. His research, co-authored by Thiemo Fetzer, suggests that for every 30 or so extra Covid deaths, one non-Covid patient dies, caused by the disruption to the quality of care.

Media Mentions & Appearances | Published on: Monday, 16 January, 2023

Congratulations to Andrew Harvey (Corpus Christi College), an Emeritus Professor of Econometrics in the Faculty of Economics. His paper on Covid modelling has been honoured as Highly Commended in the category “Academic research with real-world impact” by the Financial Times Responsible Business Education Awards. It provided near term forecasts of the trajectory of the pandemic.

Media Mentions & Appearances | Published on: Friday, 7 October, 2022

One of our most famous alumni was Sylvia Ostry (Girton College). She earned a PhD in economics from the University of Cambridge and was appointed Canada's first and only female chief statistician in 1972.

Statistics Canada celebrates the 50th anniversary of Sylvia Ostry's appointment as chief statistician with a podcast about her life.

Media Mentions & Appearances | Published on: Monday, 8 August, 2022

Gabriella Santangelo, a Lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and Fellow of St John's College, has had a human capital paper published in the American Economic Review, on the Human Side of Structural Transformation. It notes that nearly half of the global decline in agricultural employment was driven by new cohorts entering the labour market.

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