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Consumer Economics: Empirical Analysis

Title AuthorsYearJEL Codes
Uncovering the Sources of Geographic Market Segmentation: Evidence from the EU and the USHoste, J., Verboven, F. [2024]D12 F15 R32
Is Having an Expert “Friend” Enough? An Analysis of Consumer Switching Behavior in Mobile TelephonyGenakos, C., Roumanias, C., Valletti, T.[2023]D91 D12 D81 L96 M30
Identifying residential consumption patterns using data-mining techniques: A large-scale study of smart meter data in Chengdu, ChinaKang, J. and Reiner, D.[2021]C55 D12 R22 Q41
Machine Learning on residential electricity consumption: Which households are more responsive to weather?Kang, J. and Reiner, D.[2021]C55 D12 R22 Q41
What is the effect of weather on household electricity consumption? Empirical evidence from IrelandKang, J. and Reiner, D.[2021]C55 D12 R22 Q41
Electrification and Welfare for the Marginalized: Evidence from IndiaKumar Sedai, A., Jamasb, T., Nepal, R., Miller, R.[2021]D12 D31 E12 I32
Consumer Willingness to Pay for Reducing the Environmental Footprint of Green PlasticsAjayi, V., Reiner, D.[2020]D12 C25 Q51
Informative Social InteractionsArrondel, L., Calvo-Pardo, H., Giannitsarou, C., Haliassos, M.[2019]D12 D83 D84 G11 C42
Nutritional Inequality: The Role of Prices, Income, and PreferencesAmano-Patiño, N.[2019]D12 I12 I14 L81 Q18 R20
The Empirical Content of Binary Choice ModelsBhattacharya, D.[2018]C14 C25 D12
Aggregate and Firm level volatility: the role of acquisitions and disposals.Devonald, L., Higson, C., Holly, S.[2017]D12 E52 E43
Fuel poverty and well-being: a consmer theory and stochastic fronteir approachRodríguez-Álvarez, A., Orea, L. and Jamasb, J.[2016]D12 I32 Q41
Which Smart Electricity Service Contracts Will Consumers Accept? The demand for compensation in a platform marketRichter, L.-L. and Pollitt, M.[2016]C18 C38 D12 L94 Q42 Q55
Social Effects in the Diffusion of solar Photovoltaic Technology in the UK Richter, L.-L.[2013]C19 D12 D83 Q21 Q42
Mandatory vs voluntary Payment for Green ElectricityAkcura, E.[2013]C35 D10 D12 D80
Neighbourhood Effects in Consumption: Evidence from Disaggregated Consumption DataBoneva, T.[2013]D12 H23 I38 O12
Persistent Habits, optimal Monetary Policy Inertia and Interest Rate SmoothingCorrado, L., Holly, S. and Raissi, M.[2012]D12 E52 E43
Necessity or Luxury Good? Household Energy Spending and Income in Britain 1991 - 2007Meier, H., Jamasb, T. and Orea, L.[2012]C23 D12 Q41
Job Loss, Credit Constraints and Consumption GrowthCrossley, T. and Low, H.[2012]D12 D91 J64
Self-Disconnection Among Pre-Payment Customers - A Behavioural AnalysisBrutscher, P.-B.[2012]D03 D04 D12 D14
Making Sense of Oil Stamp Saving SchemesBrutscher, P.-B.[2012]D03 D04 D12 D14
Payment Matters? - An Exploratory Study into the Pre-Payment Electricity MeteringBrutscher, P.-B.[2011]D03 D04 D12
Liquidity Constraints and High Electricity UseBrutscher, P.-B.[2011]D04 D12 D14 Q40

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