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Faculty of Economics


Information, Knowledge, and Uncertainty: General

Title AuthorsYearJEL Codes
I know best: Scepticism about the Knowledge of Experts and Peers on Economics PredictionsAgranov, M., Elliott, M., Ortoleva, P.[2024]D80 D83 C90
The sunshine state: implications from mass rooftop solar PV take-up rates in QueenslandSimshauser, P., Nelson, T., Gilmore, J.[2023]D25 D80 G32 L51 Q41
On dividends and market valuations of Australia’s listed electricity utilities: regulated vs. merchantSimshauser, P.[2022]D25 D80 G32 L51 Q41.
Renewable entry costs, project finance and the role of revenue quality in Australia’s National Electricity MarketGohdes, N. and Simshauser, P.[2022]D25 D80 G32 L51 Q41
The Levelised Cost of Frequency Control Ancillary Services in Australia’s National Electricity MarketGilmore, J., Nolan, T. and Simshauser, P.[2022]D25 D80 G32 L51 Q41
Rooftop Solar PV and the Peak Load Problem in the NEM’s Queensland RegionSimshauser, P.[2021]D25 D80 G32 L51 Q41
Revisiting the Trade Policy Uncertainty IndexHong, T.[2021]D80 E66 F1
Optimising VRE Plant Capacity in Renewable Energy ZonesSimshauser, P., Billimoria, F. and Rogers, C.[2021]D25 D80 G32 L51 Q41
Vulnerable households and fuel poverty: policy targeting efficiency in Australia’s National Electricity MarketSimshauser, P.[2021]D25 D80 G32 L51 Q41
Renewable Energy Zones in Australia’s National Electricity MarketSimshauser, P.[2021]D25 D80 G32 L51 Q41
The role of expectations for market design – on structural regulatory uncertainty in electricity marketsAmbrosius, M., Egerer, J., Grimm, V. and van der Weijde, A.[2019]D47 D80 L51 Q41 Q48
Gender & CollaborationDuctor, L, Goyal, S. and Prummer, A.[2018]D80 D85 J70 J16 O30
Does risk aversion affect transmission and generation planning? A Western North America case studyMunoz, F. D., van der Weijde, A. H., Hobbs, B. F. and Watson, J-P.[2016]C61 D80 L94 Q40
How to Defend a Network?Dziubinski, M. and Goyal, S.[2014]D10 D80 C70
Mandatory vs voluntary Payment for Green ElectricityAkcura, E.[2013]C35 D10 D12 D80
Asset price manipulation with several tradersWalther, A.[2012]D80 D82 G10 G14

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