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Electric Utilities

Title AuthorsYearJEL Codes
3-Party Covenant Financing of ‘Semi-Regulated’ Pumped Hydro AssetsSimshauser, P., Gohde, N.[2024]D52 D53 G12 L94 Q40
Renewable Integration: The Role of Market ConditionsDavi-Arderius, D., Jamasb, T., Rosellon, J.[2024]L51 L94 Q41 Q42
Marginal curtailment of wind and solar PV: transmission constraints, pricing and access regimes for efficient investmentNewbery, D., Biggar, D.[2024]H23 L94 Q28 Q42 Q48
Comparison of policy instruments in the development process of offshore wind power in North Sea countriesZhang, H., Pollitt, M.[2023]L94 Q25
Non-Firm vs. Priority Access: on the Long Run Average and Marginal Cost of Renewables in AustraliaSimshauser, P., Newbery, D.[2023]D52 D53 G12 L94 Q40
On Static vs. Dynamic Line Ratings in Renewable Energy ZonesSimshauser, P.[2023]D52 D53 G12 L94 Q40
Estimating the target-consistent carbon price for electricityNewbery, D. [2023]H23 L94 Q28 Q42 Q48
High renewable electricity penetration: marginal curtailment and market failure under “subsidy-free” entryNewbery, D.[2023]H23 L94 Q28 Q42 Q48
Locational Marginal Prices (LMPs) for Electricity in Europe? The Untold StoryPollitt, M. G.[2023]L94
Energy Markets Under Stress: Some Reflections on Lessons From the Energy Crisis in EuropePollitt, M. G.[2023]L94 L95
The Incremental Impact of China’s CarbonLu, M., Pollitt, M. G., Wang, K., Wei, Y-M.[2023]Q54 L94
Toward an operational definition and a. methodology for measurement of the active DSO (distribution system operator) for electricity and gasCovatariu, A., Duma, D., Giulietti, M., Pollitt, M. G.[2023]L94 L95
The regulation of electricity transmission in Australia’s National Electricity Market: user charges, investment and accessSimshauser, P.[2023]D52 D53 G12 L94. Q40
Regulation of access, fees, and investment planning of transmission in Great BritainNewbery, D.[2023]D02 D44 H54 L51 L94 Q42
An assessment of the European electricity market reform options and a pragmatic proposalChaves, J. P., Cossent, R., Gómez San Román, T., Linares, P., Rivier, M.[2023]Q41 L51 L94
Changing times: Incentive regulation, corporate reorganisations, and productivity in the Great Britain’s gas networks.Ajayi, V., Pollitt, M.[2022]C23 D24 L51 L94
Measuring the effects of power system reform in Jiangsu province, China from the perspective of Social Cost Benefit AnalysisLi, T., Gao, C., Pollitt, M., Chen, T., Ming H.[2022]L94
The case of 100% electrification of domestic heat in Great BritainCharitopoulos, V., Fajardy, M., Chyong, C K., Reiner, D.[2022]C31 C61 C63 L94 L95 Q42 Q48
Where next for the electricity distribution system operator? Evidence from a survey of European DSOs and National Regulatory AuthoritiesAnaya, K. L., Giulietti, M. and Pollitt, M. G.[2022]L94 L54 L21
Incentive Regulation, Productivity Growth and Environmental Effects: The Case of Electricity Networks in Great BritainAjayi, V., Anaya, K. and Pollitt, M.[2021]D24 H23 L43 L94
An evaluation of a local reactive power market: the case of Power PotentialAnaya, K. L. and Pollitt, M. G.[2021]D44 D47 L94 Q40
State-Level Electricity Generation Efficiency: Do Restructuring and Regulatory Institutions Matter in the US?Ajayi, V. and Weyman-Jones, T.[2021]C23 D24 L51 L94
The Further Economic Consequences of Brexit: EnergyPollitt, M .G.[2021]L94
Hayek and the Texas blackoutLittlechild, S. and Kiesling, L.[2021]L94 L51 K23 D47 D82
Measuring the Impact of Electricity Market Reform in a Chinese ContextPollitt, M.[2021]L94
Designing an incentive-compatible efficient Renewable Electricity Support SchemeNewbery, D.[2021]D44 D62 D86 H23 H25 L94 Q28 Q42 Q48
The Contribution of Taxes, Subsidies and Regulations to British Electricity DecarbonisationGreen, R. and Staffell, I.[2021]L94 Q48 Q58
The cost of uncoupling GB interconnectorsGuo, B. and Newbery, D.[2021]F14 F15 Q47 Q48 L94
An Overall Customer Satisfaction score for GB energy suppliersLittlechild, S.[2020]L15 L51 L94
Online reviews and customer satisfaction: The use of Trustpilot by UK retail energy suppliers and three other sectorsLittlechild, S.[2020]L15 L84 L94
The CMA’s assessment of customer detriment in the UK retail energy marketLittlechild, S.[2020]L94 L95 L51
Is the NEM broken? Policy discontinuity and the 2017-2020 investment megacycleSimshauser, P. and Gilmore, J.[2020]D24 G31 L94
The cost of CO2 abatement from Britain’s only PWR: Sizewell BNewbery, D.[2020]D61 H23 L94 C54 E43 H54 L94 Q54
What effect has the 2015 power market reform had on power prices in China? Evidence from Guangdong and ZhejiangXie, B-C., Xu, J.,Pollitt, M.[2020]L94
Willingness to Pay for Better Air Quality: The case of ChinaLiu, L-Q., Yin, Z-L., Xie, B-C., Zhou, W.[2020]L94
Merchant utilities and boundaries of the firm: vertical integration in energy-only marketsSimshauser, P.[2020]D23 D24 D25 G34 L94
What does the power outage on 9 August 2019 tell us about GB power systemBialek, J.[2020]L94
Identifying Innovative Actors in the Electricicity Supply Industry Using Machine Learning: An Application to UK Patent DataDolphin, G., Pollitt, M.[2020]L94 O31 O38
Storing Power: Market Structure MattersAndrés-Cerezo, D., Fabra, N.[2020]L22 L94
Club goods and a tragedy of the commons: the Clean Energy Package and wind curtailmentNewbery, D.[2020]H23 L94 Q28 Q42 Q48
Economic Efficiency of Alternative Border Carbon Adjustment Schemes: A Case Study of California Carbon Pricing and the Western North American Power MarketXu, Q., Hobbs, B.[2020]H23 L94 Q48
Electricity Market Integration, Decarbonisation and Security of Supply: Dynamic Volatility Connectedness in the Irish and Great Britain MarketsDo, H., Nepal, R., Jamasb, T.[2020]D4 L94 Q2 Q4
Merchant renewables and the valuation of peaking plant in energy-only marketsSimshauser, P.[2020]D61 L94 L11 Q40
Assessing Market Power in the Italian Electricity Market: A synthetic supply approachRossetto, F., Grossi, L., Pollitt, M.[2019]L94
Competition in Markets for Ancillary Services? The implications of rising distributed generationPollitt, M., Anaya, K.[2019]L94
Lessons from Australia’s National Electricity Market 1998-2018: the strengths and weaknesses of the reform experienceSimshauser, P.[2019]D52 D53 G12 L94 Q40
Financing low-carbon generation in the UK: The hybrid RAB modelNewbery, D., Pollitt, M., Reiner, D. and Taylor, S.[2019]C54 D53 E43 G11 H23 H54 L94 Q44 Q48
A Unit Commitment and Economic Dispatch Model of the GB Electricity Market – Formulation and Application to Hydro Pumped StorageChyong, C-K., Newbery, D., McCarty, T.[2019]C61 C63 L94 L98 Q40 Q41 Q48
Capacity mechanisms and the technology mix in competitive electricity marketsHolmberg, P., Ritz, R.[2019]D41 L94
Digitalisation and New Business Models in Energy SectorKüfeoğlu, S., Liu, G., Anaya, K., Pollitt, M.[2019]L94
Can wholesale electricity prices support “subsidy-free” generation investment in Europe?Chyong, C., Pollitt, M., Cruise, R.[2019]D47 L94 L98 L51 Q48 Q41 C61
Political Economy of Reform and Regulation in the Electricity Sector of Sub-Saharan AfricaImam, M., Jamasb, T. and Llorca, M.[2019]D73 Q48 L51 L94 O55 P16
Elecxit: The Cost of Bilaterally Uncoupling British-EU Electricity TradeGeske, J., Green, R. and Staffell, I.[2019]L94 F13 F15
Network Utilities Performance and Institutional Quality: Evidence from the Italian Electricity SectorSoroush, G., Cambini, C., Jamasb, T. and Llorca, M.[2019]D22 L51 L94 O43
The private and social value of British electrical interconnectorsNewbery, D., Gissey, G., Guo, B. and Dodds, P.[2019]C54 D40 D44 F14 D47 H23 L94 Q48
Production efficiency of nodal and zonal pricing in imperfectly competitive electricity marketsSarfati, M., Hesamzadeh, M-R., Holmberg, P.[2019]C61 C72 D43 L13 L94
Challenges to the Future of European Single Market in Natural GasChyong, C-K.[2019]L94
Strengths and Weaknesses of the British Market ModelNewbery, D.[2019]D43,D47 H23 L94 Q48 Q54
Ownership Unbundling of Electricity Distribution NetworksNillesen, P., Pollitt, M.[2019]L94
The impact of a Carbon Tax on the CO2 emissions reduction of windChyong, C-K., Guo, B., Newbery, D.[2019]H23 L94 Q48 Q54
Central- versus Self-Dispatch in Electricity MarketsAhlqvist, V., Holmberg, P., Tangeras, T.[2019]D44 L13 L94
On the impact of government-initiated CfD’s in Australia’s National Electricity MarketSimshauser, P.[2019]D52 D53 G12 L94 Q40
On entry cost dynamics in Australia’s National Electricity MarketSimshauser, P., Gilmore, J.[2018]D61 L94 L11 Q40
Pricing in Day-Ahead Electricity Markets with Near-Optimal Unit CommitmentEldridge, B., O’Neill, R., Hobbs, B.[2018]C60 C72 D44 D47 L94
Restructuring the Chinese Electricity Supply Sector - How industrial electricity prices are determined in a liberalized power market: lessons from Great BritainPollitt, M., Dale, L.[2018]L94
Increase-Decrease Game under Imperfect Competition in Two-stage Zonal Power Markets Part II: Solution AlgorithmSarfatia, M., Hesamzadeha, M., Holmberg, P.[2018]C61 C63 C72 D43 L13 L94
Increase-Decrease Game under Imperfect Competition in Two-stage Zonal Power Markets Part I: Concept AnalysisSarfatia, M., Hesamzadeha, M., Holmberg, P.[2018]C61 C63 C72 D43 L13 L94
Deploying gas power with CCS: The role of operational flexibility, merit order and the future energy systemSchnellmann, M., Chyong, C-K., Reiner, D., Scott, S.[2018]L94 Q40
Strategic behaviour in a capacity market? The new Irish electricity market designTeirilä, J., Ritz, R.[2018]D44 H57 L13 L94
Economic Assessment of Using Electric Vehicles and Batteries as Domestic Storage Units in the United KingdomDonato A. Melchiorre and Sinan Küfeoğlu[2018]L94
Electric Power Distribution in the World: Today and TomorrowKufeoglu, S., Pollitt, M., Anaya, K.[2018]L94
Regional Differences in Economic Impacts of Power Outages in FinlandGunduz, N., Kufeoglu, S., Winzer, C., Lehtonen, M.[2018]L15 L51 L94
Missing money, missing policy and Resource Adequacy in Australia’s National Electricity MarketSimshauser, P[2018]D61 L94 L11 Q40
Does environmental heterogeneity affect the productive efficiency of grid utilities in China?Liu, X-Y., Liu, L-Q., Xie, B-C., Pollitt, M.[2018]L94
Economic dispatch in the electricity sector in China: potential benefits and challenges aheadChen, H., Chyong CK., Kang, J-N., Wei Y-M.[2018]P28 Q48 L94 L51 L52
UK Electricity Market Reform and the Energy Transition: Emerging LessonsGrubb, M., Newbery, D.[2018]L94 D44
When is a carbon price floor desirable?Newbery, D., Reiner, D., Ritz, R.[2018]H23 L94 Q48 Q54
The European Single Market in Electricity: An Economic AssessmentPollitt, M.[2018]L94
The impact of PVs and EVs on Domestic Electricity Network Charges: a case study from Great BritainSinan Küfeoğlu & Michael Pollitt[2018]L94
Simulation and Evaluation of Zonal Electricity Market DesignsHesamzadeh, M., Holmberg, P., Sarfati, M.[2018]C61 C63 C72 D43 D47 L13 L94
Institutions and Performance of Regulated Firms: Evidence from Electric Utilities in the Indian StatesJamasb, T., Llorca, M., Khetrapal, P., Thakur, T.[2018]D22 L51 L94 O43
Restructuring the Chinese Electricity Supply Sector: An assessment of the market pilot in Guangdong ProvincePollitt, M., Yang, C., Chen, H.[2018]L94
A Primer on Capacity MechanismsFabra, N.[2018]L13 L51 L94
Storage Business Models: Lessons for Electricity from Natural Gas, Cloud Data and Frozen FoodAnaya, K. and Pollitt, M.[2018]L94 Q48
Risk trading in capacity equilibrium modelsD'Aertrycke, G., Ehrenmann, A., Ralph, D. and Smeers, Y.[2017]C62 D25 C72 L94 C73 G32
Designing an electricity wholesale market to accommodate significant renewables penetration: Lessons from BritainNewbery, D.[2017]D47 D52 H23 L94 Q48 Q54
Regulating the Electricity System Operator: Lessons for Great Britain from around the worldAnaya, K. and Pollitt, M.[2017]L94
Contractual Framework for the Devolution of System Balancing Responsibility from the Transmission System Operator to Distribution System OperatorsKim, S. and Pollitt, M. and Jin, Y. Kim, J. and Yoon, Y.[2017]D21 G22 L94
A system operator's utility function for the frequency response marketGreve, T., Teng, F., Pollitt, M. and Strbac, G.[2017]D44 L94
Market Power in the Capacity Market? The Case of IrelandTeirila, J.[2017]D43 D44 H57 L13 L94
Market design for a high-renewables European electricity systemNewbery, D. and Pollitt, M. and Ritz, R. and Strielkowski, W.[2017]H23 L94 Q28 Q48
A Social Cost Benefit Analysis of Grid-Scale Electrical Energy Storage Projects: Evaluating the Smarter Network Storage ProjectSidhu, A. and Pollitt, M. and Anaya, K.[2017]L94 L98 Q48 D61
Small Systems, Big Targets: Power Sector Reforms and Renewable Energy Development in Small Electricity SystemsNepal, R. and Jamasb, T. and Sen, A. and Cram, L.[2017]D04 L94 Q48 L51
Equilibrium supply security in a multinational electricity market with renewable productionTangeras, T.[2017]D24 H23 L94 Q48
What future(s) for liberalized electricity markets: efficient, equitable or innovative?Newbery, D.[2017]D44 L51 L94 Q40 Q48 Q51
Reforming the Chinese Electricity Supply Sector: Lessons from International ExperiencePollitt, M., Yang, C-H., Chen, H.[2017]L94
The CMA’s Assessment of Customer Detriment in the GB Retail Energy MarketLittlechild, S.[2017]L94 L95 L51
The Economic Consequences of Brexit: EnergyPollitt, M.[2017]L94
Gone with the wind? An empirical analysis of the renewable energy rent transferLiski, M. and Vehviläinen, I.[2017]L51 L94 Q28 Q42 Q48
Using a spatial econometric approach to mitigate omitted variables in stochastic frontier models: An application to Norwegian electricity distribution networksOrea, L. and Álvarez, I. and Jamasb, T.[2016]D24 L51 L94
A simple introduction to the economics of storage: shifting demand and supply over time and spaceNewbery, D. G.[2016]L94 Q41
Electricity network charging for flexibilityPollitt, M .G.[2016]L94
Does risk aversion affect transmission and generation planning? A Western North America case studyMunoz, F. D., van der Weijde, A. H., Hobbs, B. F. and Watson, J-P.[2016]C61 D80 L94 Q40
Questioning the EU Target Electricity Model - how should it be adapted to deliver the Trilemma?Newbery, D. M.[2016]D47 H23 L94 Q48 Q54
Which Smart Electricity Service Contracts Will Consumers Accept? The demand for compensation in a platform marketRichter, L.-L. and Pollitt, M.[2016]C18 C38 D12 L94 Q42 Q55
The prospects for smart energy prices: observations from 50 years of residential pricing for fixed line telecoms and electricityOseni, M. and Pollitt, M.[2016]L94 L96
How does renewables competition affect forward contracting in electricity markets?Ritz, R. A.[2016]L13 L94 Q21 Q41
The long-run equilibrium impact of intermittent renewables on wholesale electricity pricesNewbery, D. M.[2016]D47 H23 L94 Q42 Q48 Q54
The Direct Costs and Benefits of US Electric Utility DivestituresTriebs, T. P. and Pollitt, M. G.[2015]L25 L51 L94
Electricity markets: Designing auctions where suppliers have uncertain costsHolmberg, P. and Wolak, F.[2015]C72 D43 D44 L13 L94
The robustness of industrial commodity oligopoly pricing strategies Newbery, D. M. and Greve, T.[2015]C63 C73 D43 L10 L13 L94
Price Instability in Multi-Unit Auctions Anderson, E. and Holmberg, P.[2015]C62 C72 D43 D44 L94
Can current electricity markets cope with high shares of renewables? A comparison of approaches in Germany, the UK and the State of New YorkPollitt, M. and Anaya, K.[2015]L94 L98 Q48
Is the depressive effect of renewables on power prices contagious? A cross border econometric analysisPhan, S. and Roques, F.[2015]L10 L50 L94
The Simple Economics of Asymmetric Cost Pass-ThroughRitz, R.[2015]D40 L11 L94
Missing Money and Missing Markets: Reliability, Capacity Auctions and InterconnectorsNewbery, D. M.[2015]L94 D44
Public Engagement in Electricity Network Development: A Case Study of the Beauly-Denny Project in ScotlandTobiasson, W., Beestermöller, C. and Jamasb, T.[2015]L94 L98 D23 P48
The benefits of integrating European electricity marketsNewbery, D. M., Strbac, G. and Viehoff, I.[2015]D61 F15 L51 L94
Capacity market design options: a dynamic capacity investment model and a GB case studyHach, D., Chyong, C. and Spinler, S.[2015]Q48 L94 L98 C44 D81
Past and Potential Roles of Electricity System Operators: From Liberalisation to Climate Change Management in BritainStern, J.[2015]L94 K23 H76
Cost trajectories of low carbon electricity generation technologies in the UK: A study of cost uncertaintyLevi, P. G. and Pollitt, M. G.[2015]L94
Distributed Generation: Opportunities for Distribution Network Operators, Wider Society and GeneratorsAnaya, K. L. and Pollitt, M. G.[2015]D61 H25 L51 L94 Q40 Q48
Integrating Distributed Generation: Regulation and Trends in Three Leading CountriesAnaya, K. and Pollitt, M.[2014]H25 L94 L98 Q48
The Role of Distribution Network Operators in Promoting Cost-Effective Distributed Generation: Lessons from the United States for EuropeAnaya, K. and Pollitt, M.[2014]D44 L51 L94 Q28,Q48
Promoting or restricting competition?: Regulation of the UK retail residential energy market since 2008Littlechild, S.[2014]L510 L970 L940
Incentive Regulation and Utility Benchmarking for Electricity Network SecurityJamasb, T. and Nepal, R.[2014]L94 L51 L98
Sustainable Electricity Grid Development and the Public: An Economic ApproachTobiasson, W. and Jamasb, T.[2014]L43 L94 D23 D70
Institutional arrangements for the promotion of regional integration of electricity markets: International ExperienceOseni, M. O. and Pollitt, M.[2014]F13 L94
Scotland, Nuclear Energy Policy and Independance Heffron, R. J. and Nuttall, W.[2014]K32 L94 O21 Q48
Issues and Options in the Economic Regulation of European Network SecurityJamasb, T. and Nepal, R.[2014]L51 L94 L98
Does Weather Have an Impact on Electricity Distribution Efficiency? Evidence from South AmericaAnaya, K. L. and Pollitt, M.[2014]C23 C52 D24 L94 Q50
Inefficiency persistence and heterogeneity in Colombian electricity distribution utilitiesGalán, J. E. and Pollitt, M.[2014]C11 C23 C51 D24 L94
Dynamic Efficiency and Incentive Regulation: An Application to Electricity Distribution NetworksPoudineh, R., Emvalomatis, G. and Jamasb, T. .[2014]L43 L51 L94 D21 D23 D24
Platform Markets and Energy ServicesWeiller, C. M. and Pollitt, M.[2013]L81 L94 L10 D4
Market power issues in the reformed Russian electricity supply industry Chernenko, N.[2013]L11 L13 L94
Title:Distributed Generation Storage, Demand Response, and Energy Efficiency as Alternatives to Grid Capacity EnhancementPoudineh, R. and Jamasb, T.[2013]L43 L51 L52 L94
Melting-pots and salad bowls: the current debate on electricity market design for RES integrationGlachant, J.-M. and Henriot, A.[2013]L94 Q20 Q40
2013 EPRG Public Opinion Survey: Smart Energy Survey — Attitudes and BehavioursOseni, M. O., Pollitt, M., Reiner, D. M. and Richter, L. L.[2013]Q40 Q48 Q42 L94
The Economic Costs of Unsupplied Electricty: Evidence from Generation among African FirmsOseni, M. O. and Pollitt, M.[2013]L60 L81 L94 N77 Q40
The siting of UK Nuclear Power InstallationsGrimston, M. and Nuttall, W.[2013]K32 L94 N74
Finding the Optimal Approach for Allocating and Realising the Distribution System Capacity: Decidng between Interruptible Connections and Firm DG Connections.Anaya, K. L. and Pollitt, M.[2013]D61 L51 L94 Q21 Q40 Q48
The Russian Electricity Supply Industry: from Reform to Reform?Chernenko, N.[2013]L11 L22 L43 L52 L94
The Strategic Robustness of Mark-up EquilibriaNewbery, D. M. and Greve, T.[2013]C63 C73 D43 L10 L13 L94
Efficiency and Environmental Factors in the US Electricity Transmission IndustryLlorca, M., Orea, L. and Pollitt, M.[2013]D22 L51 L94
Understanding best practice regarding interruptible connections for wind generation: lessons from national and international experienceAnaya, K. L. and Pollitt, M.[2013]L51 L94 Q20 Q28 Q40
Investment and Efficiency under Incentive Regulation: The Case of the Norwegian Electricity Distribution NetworksPoudineh, R. and Jamasb, T.[2013]L43 L51 L94 D21 D23 D24
Caught Between Theory and Practice: Government, Market and Regulatory Failures in ElectricityNepal, R. and Jamasb, T.[2013]L52 L94 P00
Nuclear Energy policy in the United States 1990-2010: A Federal or State ResponsibilityHeffron, R.[2013]K32 L94 Q48
International benchmarking of Electricity Transmission by Regulators: Theory and PracticeHaney, A. B. and Pollitt, M.[2012]L94
Relaxing competition through speculation: Committing to a negative supply slopeHolmberg, P. and Willems, B.[2012]JC73 D43 D44 G13 L13 L94
Security of the European Electricity Systems: Conceptualizing the Assessment Criteria and Core IndicatorsJamasb, T. and Nepal, R.[2012]L94 L50 Q30
Designing electiricty transmission auctions: an introduction to the relevant literatureGreve, T. and Pollitt, M.[2012]D44 L94
A cross country analysis of electricity market reforms: potential contribution of New Institutional EconomicsErdogdu, E.[2012]E02 L51 L94 O17
The Impact of Transmission Pricing in Network IndustriesRuderer, D.[2012]L94 L51 D41
The roubstness of agent-based models of electricity wholesale marketsNewbery, D. M.[2012]C63 C73 D43 L10 L13 L94
The political economy of electricity market liberalization: a cross-country approachErdogdu, E.[2012]L94 L52 Q48
Estimating market power in homogenous product markets using a composed error model: application to the California electricity marketOrea, L. and Steinbuks, J.[2012]C34 C51 L13 L94
Congestion management in electricity networks: Nodal, zonal and discriminatory pricingHolmberg, P. and Lazarczyk, E.[2012]C72 D44 D61 L13 L94
The role of policy in energy transitions: lessons from the energy liberalisation eraPollitt, M. G.[2012]L94
Third Party Nuclear Liability: The Case of a Supplier in the United KingdomThomas, A. and Heffron, R.[2012]K0 K13 L94 Y80
Nuclear New Build in the United States 1990-2010: A Three State AnalysisHeffron, R. J.[2012]K32 L94 Q58 Y80
Merchant and Regulated Transmission: Theory, Evidence and PolicyLittlechild, S.[2011]L33 L51 L94
Reforming Competitive Electricity Markets to Meet Environmental TargetsNewbery, D. M.[2011]Q48 Q42 L94
Lessons from the History of Independent System Operators in the Energy Sector, with applications to the Water SectorPollitt, M. J.[2011]L23 L51 L94
2010 EPRG Public Opinion Survey: Policy Preferences and Energy Saving MeasuresPlatchkov, L., Pollitt, M., Reiner, D. and Shaorshadze, I.[2011]Q40 Q48 Q42 L94
Market Integration, Efficiency, and Interconnectors: The Irish Single Electricity MarketNepal, R. and Jamasb, T.[2011]L94 C22 D02 G1
Contracting for wind generationNewbery, D. M.[2011]Q42 L14 L94
Reforming Small Power Systems under Political Volatility: The Case of NepalNepal, R. and Jamasb, T.[2011]L52 L94 Q48
Integrating short-term demand response into long-term investment planningDe Jonghe, C., Hobbs, B. F. and Belmans, R.[2011]L94
Electricity Distribution Networks: Investment and Regulation, and Uncertain DemandJamasb, T. and Marantes, C.[2011]L94
Planning electricity transmission to accommodate renewables: Using two-stage programming to evaluate flexibility and the cost of disregarding uncertainty van der Weijde, A. H. and Hobbs, B. F.[2011]C61 L94
Properties of Electricity Prices and the Drivers of Interconnector RevenueParail, V.[2010]C15 C63 G10 L94
New Models of Public Ownership in EnergyBrophy Haney, A. and Pollitt, M. G.[2010]L32 L94 L95
Estimating Marginal Cost of Quality Improvements: The Case of the UK Electricity Distribution CompaniesJamasb, T., Orea , L. O. and Pollitt, M. G.[2010]L51 L94
Efficiency Effects of Quality of Service and Environmental Factors: Experience from Norwegian Electricity DistributionGrowitsch, C., Jamasb, T. and Wetzel , H. .[2010]L15 L51 L94
The Direct Costs and Benefits of US Electric Utility DivestituresTriebs, T. P., Pollitt, M. G. and Kwoka, J. E.[2010]L25 L51 L94
Locational-based Coupling of Electricity Markets: Benefits from Coordinating Unit Commitment and Balancing Marketsvan der Weijde, A. H. and Hobbs, B. F.[2010]L94
Ownership and competition: Finding Performance Breaks for Great Britain's Power PlantsTriebs, T. P. and Pollitt, M. G.[2010]L33 L16 L51 L94
Weather Factors and Performance of Network Utilities: A Methodology and Application to Electricity DistributionJamasb, T., Orea, L. and Pollitt, M. G.[2010]L15 L51 L94
The Creation of a Market for Retail Electricity SupplyLittlechild, S.[2010]L94
The Restructuring and Privatisation of the Peruvian Electricity Distribution MarketAnaya, K. L.[2010]D61 H43 L94
The Supply Function Equilibrium and its Policy Implications for Wholesale Electricity AuctionsHolmberg, P. and Newbery, D. M.[2010]D43 D44 C62 L94

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