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Faculty of Economics


Empirical Studies of Trade

Title AuthorsYearJEL Codes
The Swift Decline of the British Pound: Evidence from UK Trade-invoicing after the Brexit VoteCrowley, M. A., Han, L., Son, M. [2024]F14 F31 F41
The Pro-Competitive Effects of Trade AgreementsCrowley, M. A., Han, L., Prayer, T.[2022]F13 F14 F15
Minimum wages and the China Syndrome: Causal evidence from US local labor marketsMilsom, L. and Roland, I.[2021]E24 F14 F16 J23 L60 R12
The impact of trade on R&D: Evidence from UK firmsS, Minkyu.[2021]F14 F60 O31
The cost of uncoupling GB interconnectorsGuo, B. and Newbery, D.[2021]F14 F15 Q47 Q48 L94
Search Externalities in Firm-to-Firm TradeSpray, J.[2021]F14 F15 O19
Gravity in International Finance: Evidence From Fees on Equity TransactionsMilsom, L., Pazitka, V., Roland, I. and Wójcik, D.[2020]F14 F23 F65 G15 G24
The Cost of Carbon Leakage: Britain’s Carbon Price Support and Cross-border Electricity TradeGuo, B. and Newbery, D.[2020]Q48 F14 D61 C13
Dominant Currency Dynamics: Evidence on Dollar-invoicing from UK ExportersCrowley, M. A., Han, L. and Son, M.[2020]F14 F31 F41
Instrumental-Variable Estimation of Gravity EquationsJochmans, K., Verardi, V.[2019]C26 F14
Measuring inefficiency in international electricity tradingMontoya, L., Guo, B., Newbery, D. M., Dodds, P., Lipman, G., Castagneto Gissey, G.[2019]C81 F14 F15 Q41
The Impact of Unilateral Carbon Taxes on Cross-Border Electricity TradingGuo, B., Newbery, D., Gissey, G.[2019]Q48 F14 D61 C13
The private and social value of British electrical interconnectorsNewbery, D., Gissey, G., Guo, B. and Dodds, P.[2019]C54 D40 D44 F14 D47 H23 L94 Q48
Exchange Rate Shocks and Quality AdjustmentsGoetz, D. and Rodnyansky, A.[2019]E30 F14 F31 L11 L15 L16 L81 M11
Markets and Markups: A New Empirical Framework and Evidence on Exporters from ChinaCorsetti, G., Han, L., Crowley, M. and Song, H. [2018]F31 F41 F14
Tariff Scares: Trade policy uncertainty and foreign market entry by Chinese firmsCrowley, M. A., Song, H., Meng, N.[2016]F12 F13 F14
The Empirical Landscape of Trade PolicyBown, C. and Crowley, M. A.[2016]F02 F13 F14 F15 F3 H21 H23 H25 K33 L5 N4 N70
The Multiple Impacts of the Exchange Rate on Export Diversification Goya, D.[2014]F14 F40 O30
A Two Stage Approach to Spatiotemporal Analysis with Strong and weak cross Sectional Dependence Bailey, N., Holly, S. and Pesaran, H.[2013]C31 E02 F12 F14 F15 F55
Europe's Revolving Doors: Import Competition and Endogenous Firm Entry InstitutionSLastauskas, P.[2013]C31 E02 F12 F14 R15 FS5

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