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Mohaddes, K. and Raissi, M.

Does Inflation Slow Long-Run Growth in India?


Abstract: This paper examines the long-run relationship between consumer price index industrial workers (CPI-IW) inflation and GDP growth in India. We collect data on a sample of 14 Indian states over the period 1989-?2013, and use the cross-sectionally augmented distributed lag (CS-DL) approach of Chudik et al. (2013) as well as the standard panel ARDL method for estimation? to account for cross-state heterogeneity and dependence, dynamics and feedback effects. Our findings suggest that, on average, there is a negative long-run relationship between inflation and economic growth in India. We also find statistically-significant inflation-growth threshold effects in the case of states with persistently-elevated inflation rates of above 5.5 percent. This suggests the need for the Reserve Bank of India to balance the short-term growth-inflation trade-off, in light of the long-term negative effects on growth of persistently-high inflation.

Keywords: India, inflation, growth, threshold effects, cross-sectional heterogeneity and dependence.

JEL Codes: C23 E31 O40.


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