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Faculty of Economics

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Title Authors CWPE Number Year
A Short Note on Optimal Debt Management under Asymmetric InformationFaraglia, E., Marcet, A., Oikonomou, R., Scott, A.CWPE1761 [2017]
Uniform Convergence of Smoothed Distribution Functions with an Application to Delta Method for the Lorenz CurveKanaya, S., Bhattacharya, D.CWPE1760 [2017]
Caste and the Indian EconomyMunshi, K.CWPE1759 [2017]
The race to solve the sustainable transport problem via carbon-neutral synthetic fuels and battery electric vehiclesHannula, I. and Reiner, D.CWPE1758 [2017]
Risk trading in capacity equilibrium modelsD'Aertrycke, G., Ehrenmann, A., Ralph, D. and Smeers, Y.CWPE1757 [2017]
Designing an electricity wholesale market to accommodate significant renewables penetration: Lessons from BritainNewbery, D.CWPE1756 [2017]
Regulating the Electricity System Operator: Lessons for Great Britain from around the worldAnaya, K. and Pollitt, M.CWPE1755 [2017]
Performance-Based Rankings and School QualityHerresthal, C.CWPE1754 [2017]
Publishing while Female. Are women held to higher standards? Evidence from peer review.Hengel, E.CWPE1753 [2017]
Energy and the Military: Convergence of Security, Economic, and Environmental Decision-MakingNuttall, W., Samaras, C. and Bazilian, M.CWPE1752 [2017]
The Social Dynamics of Collective Action: Evidence from the Captain Swing Riots, 1830-31Aidt, T. S., Leon, G. and Satchell, M.CWPE1751 [2017]
The Behaviour of Betting and Currency Markets on the Night of the EU ReferendumAuld, T. and Linton, O.CWPE1750 [2017]
The Shadow of Cities: Size, Location and the Spatial Distribution of Population in SpainBeltràn Tapia, F., Díez-Minguela, A., Martínez-Galarraga, J.CWPE1749 [2017]
Aggregate and Firm level volatility: the role of acquisitions and disposals.Devonald, L., Higson, C., Holly, S.CWPE1748 [2017]
Spreading LiesRedlicki, B.CWPE1747 [2017]
Causes and Effects of Private Property Rights SecurityVan Noort, S.CWPE1746 [2017]
The Big Five personality traits and partisanship in EnglandAidt, T. S. and Rauh, C.CWPE1745 [2017]
Targeting Interventions in NetworksGaleotti, A., Golub, B. and Goyal, S.CWPE1744 [2017]
Commitment and (In)Efficiency: A Bargaining ExperimentAgranov, M. and Elliott, M.CWPE1743 [2017]
Decentralized Bargaining in Matching Markets: Efficient Stationary Equilibria and the CoreElliott, M. and Nava, F.CWPE1742 [2017]
Reorganise, Replace or Expand? The role of the supply-chain in first-time exportingSpray, J.CWPE1741 [2017]
On the viability of energy communitiesAbada, I. and Ehrenmann, A. and Lambin, X.CWPE1740 [2017]
Slamming the door on trade policy discretion? The WTO Appellate Body's ruling on market distortions and production costs in EU-Biodiesel (Argentina)Crowley, M. A. and Hillman, J.CWPE1739 [2017]
Contractual Framework for the Devolution of System Balancing Responsibility from the Transmission System Operator to Distribution System OperatorsKim, S. and Pollitt, M. and Jin, Y. Kim, J. and Yoon, Y.CWPE1738 [2017]
Returns to On-the-Job Search and the Dispersion of WagesGottfries, A. and Teulings, T.CWPE1737 [2017]
Wage Posting, Nominal Rigidity, and Cyclical InefficienciesGottfries, A. and Teulings, T.CWPE1736 [2017]
Unconventional Monetary Policy and the Interest Rate Channel: Signalling and Portfolio RebalancingLloyd, S. P.CWPE1735 [2017]
Estimating Nominal Interest Rate Expectations: Overnight Indexed Swaps and the Term StructureLloyd, S. P.CWPE1734 [2017]
Overnight Indexed Swap Market-Based Measures of Monetary Policy ExpectationsLloyd, S. P.CWPE1733 [2017]
Corporate lobbying for environmental protectionGrey, F.CWPE1732 [2017]
Co-integration and Control: Assessing the Impact of Events Using Time Series DataHarvey, A. C. and Thiele, S.CWPE1731 [2017]
Official Sector Lending Strategies During the Euro Area CrisisCorsetti, G., Erce, A. and Uy, T.CWPE1730 [2017]
Fixed on Flexible Rethinking Exchange Rate Regimes after the Great RecessionCorsetti, G., Kuester, K. and Müller, G. J.CWPE1729 [2017]
A system operator's utility function for the frequency response marketGreve, T., Teng, F., Pollitt, M. and Strbac, G.CWPE1728 [2017]
Market Power in the Capacity Market? The Case of IrelandTeirila, J.CWPE1727 [2017]
Market design for a high-renewables European electricity systemNewbery, D. and Pollitt, M. and Ritz, R. and Strielkowski, W.CWPE1726 [2017]
Bargaining with renegotiation in models with on-the-job searchGottfries, A.CWPE1725 [2017]
Socially Embedded Preferences, Environmental Externalities, and Reproductive RightsDasgupta, A. and Dasgupta, P.CWPE1724 [2017]
Can Italy Grow Out of Its NPL Overhang? A Panel Threshold AnalysisMohaddes, K., Raissi, M. and Weber, A.CWPE1723 [2017]
A Social Cost Benefit Analysis of Grid-Scale Electrical Energy Storage Projects: Evaluating the Smarter Network Storage ProjectSidhu, A. and Pollitt, M. and Anaya, K.CWPE1722 [2017]
Integration and DiversityGoyal, S., Hernández, P., Martínez-Cánovasz, G., Moisan, F., Muñoz-Herrera, M. and Sánchez, A.CWPE1721 [2017]
Small Systems, Big Targets: Power Sector Reforms and Renewable Energy Development in Small Electricity SystemsNepal, R. and Jamasb, T. and Sen, A. and Cram, L.CWPE1720 [2017]
The economics of air pollution from fossil fuelsNewbery, D.CWPE1719 [2017]
Reassessing Railroads and Growth: Accounting for Transport Network EndogeneitySwisher IV, S. N.CWPE1718 [2017]
Policy Shocks and Wage Rigidities: Empirical Evidence from Regional Effects of National ShocksDe Ridder, M. and Pfajfar, D.CWPE1717 [2017]
Equilibrium supply security in a multinational electricity market with renewable productionTangeras, T.CWPE1716 [2017]
How to judge whether supporting solar PV is justifiedNewbery, D.CWPE1715 [2017]
What future(s) for liberalized electricity markets: efficient, equitable or innovative?Newbery, D.CWPE1714 [2017]
Reforming the Chinese Electricity Supply Sector: Lessons from International ExperiencePollitt, M., Yang, C-H., Chen, H.CWPE1713 [2017]
Hidden Testing and Selective Disclosure of EvidenceHerresthal, C.CWPE1712 [2017]
Aggregating Elasticities: Intensive and Extensive Margins of Female Labour SupplyAttanasio, O., Levell, P., Low, H. and Sanchez-Marcos, V.CWPE1711 [2017]
Do Sovereign Wealth Funds Dampen the Negative Effects of Commodity Price Volatility?Mohaddes, K. and Raissi, M.CWPE1710 [2017]
Estimating Transfer Multiplier using Spending on Rural Development Programs in IndiaBahal, G.CWPE1709 [2017]
Why is Europe Falling Behind? Structural Transformation and Services' Productivity Differences between Europe and the U.S.Buiatti, C., Duarte, J. B. and Saenz, L. F.CWPE1708 [2017]
The CMA’s Assessment of Customer Detriment in the GB Retail Energy MarketLittlechild, S.CWPE1707 [2017]
The Economic Consequences of Brexit: EnergyPollitt, M.CWPE1706 [2017]
Holy Wars? Temple desecrations in Medieval IndiaIyer, S., Shrivastava, A., Ticku, R.CWPE1705 [2017]
The Strategy of ConquestDziubinski, M., Goyal, S. and Minarsch, D. E. N.CWPE1704 [2017]
A Discrete Choice Model For Large Heterogeneous Panels with Interactive Fixed Effects with an Application to the Determinants of Corporate Bond IssuanceBoneva, L. and Linton, O.CWPE1703 [2017]
Determinants of long-term economic growth redux: A Measurement Error Model Averaging (MEMA) approachDoppelhofer, G., Moe Hansen, O-P. and and Weeks, M.CWPE1702 [2017]
Gone with the wind? An empirical analysis of the renewable energy rent transferLiski, M. and Vehviläinen, I.CWPE1701 [2017]

Recent Publications

Huffman, D., Raymond, C. and Shvets, J. Persistent Overconfidence and Biased Memory: Evidence from Managers American Economic Review [2022]

Bhattacharya, D. and Shvets, J. Inferring Trade-Offs in University Admissions: Evidence from Cambridge Journal of Political Economy, accepted [2024]

Bhattacharya, D. and Komarova, T. Incorporating Social Welfare in Program-Evaluation and Treatment Choice Review of Economics and Statistics, accepted [2024]

Ding, Y. A Simple Joint Model for Returns, Volatility and Volatility of Volatility Journal of Econometrics [2023]