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Title Authors Journal Year
Indeterminacy and period length under balanced budget rulesAnagnostopoulos, A. and Giannitsarou, C.Macroeconomic Dynamics[2012]
A polarization-cohesion perspective on cross country convergenceAnderson, G., Linton, O. and Leo, T. W. Journal of Economic Growth[2012]
Modelling the demand for housing over the life cycleAttanasio, O. P., Bottazzi, R., Low, H. W., Nesheim, L. and Wakefield, M. Review of Economic Dynamics[2012]
An economic analysis of group decisions by juriesBaddeley, M. and Parkinson, S. Journal of Socio-economics[2012]
Neurofinance and financial instabilityBaddeley, M. C.Analyse Financiere[2012]
The Hotelling-Downs model with runoff votingBrusco, S., Dziubinski, M. and Roy, J. Games and Economic Behavior[2012]
The behavioral genetics of behavioral anomaliesCesarini, D., Johannesson, M., Magnusson, P. and Wallace, B. Management Science[2012]
Understanding bubbly episodes.Carvalho, V. M., Martin, A. and Ventura, J.American Economic Review[2012]
Traded and nontraded goods prices, and international risk sharing: an empirical investigationCorsetti, G., Dedola, L. and Viani, F.NBER International Seminar on Macroeconomics[2012]
The international risk sharing puzzle is at business cycle and lower frequencyCorsetti, G., Dedola, L. and Viani, F. Canadian Journal of Economics[2012]
What drives US foreign borrowing? Evidence on the external adjustments to transitory and permanent shocksCorsetti, G. and Konstantinou P. T.American Economic Review[2012]
Dark matters: exploitation as cooperationDasgupta, P.Journal of Theoretical Biology[2012]
Sustainability and the measurement of wealthArrow, K. J., Dasgupta, P., Goulder, L. H., Mumford, K. J. and Oleson, K. Environment and Development Economics[2012]
Popularity of reinforcement-based and belief-based learning models: An evolutionary approachDziubinski, M. and Roy, J. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control[2012]
Contract enforcement, institutions and social capital: The Maghribi traders reappraisedEdwards, J. S. and Ogilvie, S. C.Economic History Review[2012]
What lessons for economic development can we draw from the champagne fairs?Edwards, J. S. and Ogilvie, S. C.Explorations in Economic History[2012]
Small world networks with segregation patterns and brokersGallo, E.Review of Network Economics[2012]
Kernel density estimation for time series dataHarvey, A. C. and Oryshchenko, V.International Journal of Forecasting[2012]
Set Coverage and Robust PolicyHenry, M. and Onatski, A. Economics Letters[2012]
Hasty pudding versus tasty bread: regional variations in diet and nutrition during the industrial revolutionHorrell, S. and Oxley, D.Local Population Studies[2012]
Local linear litting under near-epoch dependence: uniform consistency with convergence ratesLi, D., Lu, Z. and Linton, O.Econometric Theory[2012]
Estimation of semiparametric locally stationary diffusion modelsKoo, B. and Linton, O.Journal of Econometrics[2012]
Kernel estimation of polarization measuresAnderson, G., Linton, O. and Whang, Y.Journal of Econometrics[2012]
Contracting for wind generationNewbery, D. M. Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy[2012]
Reforming competitive electricity markets to meet environmental targetsNewbery, D. M.Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy[2012]
Household debt in early modern Germany: evidence from personal inventoriesOgilvie, S., Küpker, M. and Maegraith, J.Journal of Economic History[2012]
Frauen und die materielle Kultur der Hausarbeit im frühneuzeitlichen Württemberg: Ergebnisse aus wildberger InventarenOgilvie, S., Küpker, M. and Maegraith, J. Zeitschrift für Württembergische Landesgeschichte[2012]
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On the interpretation of panel unit root testsPesaran, M. H. Economics Letters[2012]
The geographical composition of national external balance sheets: 1980-2005Sa, F. and Kubelec, C. International Journal of Central Banking[2012]
Aviation lock-in and emissions tradingLawson, C.Cambridge Journal of Economics[2012]
The limits on pay as a strategic tool: obstacles to alignment in non-union environmentsTrevor, J. and Brown, W. British Journal of Industrial Relations[2012]
The multiple identities of early modern Dutch fishwivesvan den Heuvel, D.W.A. Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society[2012]
The manufacturing sector and the future of Malaysia's economic developmentChang, H.Jurnal Pengurusan[2012]
Microfinance and the illusion of development: from hubris to nemesis in thirty yearsBateman, M., Chang, H. J.World Economic Review[2012]
Bringing home the bacon? Regional nutrition, stature and gender in the industrial revolutionHorrell, S. and Oxley, D.Economic History Review[2012]
Comment on 'Fast sparse regression and classification'Kapetanios, G. and Pesaran, M.H.International Journal of Forecasting[2012]
Asset based unemployment insuranceRendahl, P.International Economic Review[2012]
General purpose technologies and economic growth: electricity diffusion in the manufacturing sector before WWIIRistuccia, C. and Solomou, S. N.European Review of Economic History[2012]
Mathematical modelling and ideology in the economics academy: competing explanations of the failings of the modern discipline?Lawson, T.Economic Thought: History, Philosophy, and Methodology[2012]
Distributive politics and electoral incentives: evidence from seven US state legislaturesAidt, T. S. and Shvets, J. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy[2012]
Mechanism design with renegotiation and costly messagesEvans, R. A.Econometrica[2012]
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Labor income profiles are not heterogeneous: Evidence from income growth ratesHryshko, D.Quantitative Economics[2012]
The effect of education on equity holdingsHryshko, D., Luengo-Prado, M. J. and Sørensen, B.The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, Contributions[2012]
Dominance and innovation: a returns-based beliefs approachVelu, C., Iyer, S. and Gair, J.R.Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry[2012]
Poverty and the psychosocial competencies of children: Evidence from the young lives sample in four developing countriesDercon, S. and Krishnan, P.Children, Youth and Environments[2012]
Asymptotics of the principal components estimator of large factor models with weakly influential factorsOnatski, A.Journal of Econometrics[2012]
Monthly GDP estimates for inter-war britainMitchell, J., Solomou, S. N. and Weale, M.Explorations in Economic History[2012]
Ontology and the Study of Social Reality: Emergence, Organisation, Community, Power, Social Relations, Corporations, Artefacts and MoneyLawson, T.Cambridge Journal of Economics[2012]
Semiparametric estimation of Markov decision processes with continuous state spaceSrisuma, S. and Linton, O.Journal of Econometrics[2012]
Commons, social capital, and the emergence of agricultural cooperatives in early twentieth century SpainBeltran, Tapia, F.J.European Review of Economic History[2012]
Accounting for the Great Recession in the UK: real business cycles and financial frictionsChadha, J.S. and Warren, J.Manchester School[2012]
The Geography of Well-BeingCorrado, L. and Aslam, A.Journal of Economic Geography[2012]
Efficient Semiparametric Estimation of the Fama–French Model and ExtensionsConnor, G., Hagmann, M. and Linton, O.Econometrica[2012]

Papers and Publications

Recent Publications

Porzio, T., Rossi, F. and Santangelo, G. The Human Side of Structural Transformation American Economic Review [2022]

Bhattacharya, D., Dupas, P. and Kanaya, S. Demand and Welfare Analysis in Discrete Choice Models with Social Interactions Review of Economic Studies [2023]

Bhattacharya, D. Nonparametric Approaches to Empirical Welfare Analysis Journal of Economic Literature, forthcoming [2023]

Rauh, C. and Valladares-Esteban, A. On the Black-White Gaps in Labor Supply and Earnings over the Lifecycle in the US Review of Economic Dynamics [2023]