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Title Authors Journal Year
How to get the snowball rolling and extend the franchise: Voting on the Great Reform Act of 1832Aidt, T. S. and Franck R.Public Choice[2013]
Effective demand: Securing the foundations - a symposiumAllain, O., Hartwig, J. and Hayes, M.G.Review of Political Economy[2013]
Effective demand: Securing the foundationsHayes, M. G.Review of Political Economy [2013]
Soro's theory of reflexivity: a critical commentLawson, T.Revue de Philosophie Economique[2013]
Ethical naturalism and forms of relativismLawson, T.Society[2013]
Fiscal stimulus with spending reversalsCorsetti, G., Meier A. and Mueller G.Review of Economics and Statistics[2013]
Pervasive externalities at the population-consumption-environment nexusDasgupta, P. and Ehrlich, P. R.Science[2013]
Hotelling-Downs Competition with free entry when voters have an option to ContestDziubinski M. and Roy, J.Journal of Public Economic Theory[2013]
On Seller Estimates and Buyer ReturnsGershkov, A. and Toxvaerd, F.M.O.Economic Theory Bulletin[2013]
Missing women and India's religious demographyIyer, S. and Joshi, S.Journal of South Asian Development[2013]
Econometric modelling of world oil supplies: terminal price and the time to depletionMohaddes, K.OPEC Energy Review[2013]
The UK balance of payments: structure and prospectsCoutts, K. and Rowthorn, R.Oxford Review of Economic Policy[2013]
Update of prospects for the UK balance of paymentsRowthorn, R and Coutts, K.The Future of Manufacturing[2013]
On Identification of Bayesian DSGE ModelsKoop, G., Pesaran, M. H. and Smith, R. P.Journal of Business and Economic Statistics[2013]
Is economic recovery a myth? robust estimation of impulse responsesTeulings, C.N. and Zubanov, N.Journal of Applied Econometrics[2013]
Global bahadur representation for nonparametric censored regression quantiles and its applicationsKong, E., Linton, O. and Xia, Y.Econometric Theory[2013]
Testing conditional independence restrictionsLinton, O. and Gozalo, P.Econometric Reviews [2013]
Machine tools and mass production in the armaments boom: Germany and the United States, 1929-44.Ristuccia, C. A. and Tooze, A.Economic History Review[2013]
Estimation of and Inference about the Expected Shortfall for Time Series with Infinite VarianceLinton, O. and Xiao, Z.Econometric Theory[2013]
Oil prices, external income, and growth: lessons from JordanMohaddes, K. and Raissi, M. Review of Middle East Economics and Finance[2013]
The effectiveness of socially sustainable sourcing mechanisms in Britain: assessing the prospects of a new form of joint regulationWright, C. F. and Brown, W.Industrial Relations Journal[2013]
School inputs, household substitution, and test scoresDas, J., Dercon, S., Habyarimana, J., Krishnan, P. and Muralidharan, K.American Economic Journal: Applied Economics[2013]
Identifying peer achievement spillovers: implications for desegregation and the achievement gapFruehwirth, J. C.Quantitative Economics[2013]
Punishing the foreigner: Implicit discrimination in the premier league based on oppositional identityGallo, E. , Grund, T. and Reade, J.Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics[2013]
Nutrition in the English agricultural labourer's household over the course of the long nineteenth centuryGazeley, I. and Horrell, S.Economic History Review[2013]
The Economics of Consanguineous MarriagesDo, Q., Iyer, S. and Joshi, S.Review of Economics and Statistics[2013]
Changes in living standards in villages in India 1975-2006Dercon, S., Krishnan, P. and Krutikova, S.Journal of Development Studies[2013]
Non-cognitive skill formation in poor neighbourhoods of urban IndiaKrishnan, P. and Krutikova, S.Labour Economics[2013]
Inflation differentials in the GCC: Does the oil cycle matter? Mohaddes, K. and Williams, O. H.Middle East Development Journal[2013]
Oil Exports and the Iranian EconomyEsfahani, H. S., Mohaddes, K. and Pesaran, M. H.The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance[2013]
Panel unit root tests in the presence of a multifactor error structurePesaran, M.H., Smith, L. V., Yamagata, T.Journal of Econometrics[2013]
Econometric analysis of high dimensional VARs featuring a dominant unitPesaran, M. H. and Chudik, A.Econometric Reviews[2013]
Aggregation in large dynamic panelsPesaran, M. H. and Chudik, A.Journal of Econometrics[2013]
Optimal forecasts in the presence of structural breaksPesaran, M. H., Pick, A. and Pranovitch, M.Journal of Econometrics[2013]
The Nature of Economic Development and the Economic Development of NatureDasgupta, P.Economic and Political Weekly[2013]
Network design and defenceDziubinski, M. and Goyal, S.Games and Economic Behavior[2013]
Costly intermediation and consumption smoothingAntunes, A., Cavalcanti, T. V. D. and Villamil, A. Economic Inquiry[2013]
Varieties and the transfer problemCorsetti G., Martin, P. and Pesenti, P.Journal of International Economics[2013]
Import protection, business cycles, and exchange rates: evidence from the great recessionCrowley, M. A. and Bown, C. P.Journal of International Economics[2013]
Self-enforcing trade agreements: evidence from time-varying trade policyCrowley, M. A. and Bown, C. P.American Economic Review[2013]
The impact of debt levels and debt maturity on inflationFaraglia, E., Marcet, A., Oikonomou, R. and Scott, A.The Economic Journal[2013]
Instantaneous gratificationHarris, C. and Laibson, D.Quarterly Journal of Economics[2013]
Understanding interactions in social networks and committeesBhattacharjee, A. and Holly, S.Spatial Economic Analysis[2013]
Aggregate fluctuations and the cross-sectional dynamics of firm growthHolly, S., Petrella, I. and Santoro, E.Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A[2013]
Bargaining for basics? Inferring decision making in nineteenth-century British households from expenditure, diet, stature and deathHorrell, S. and Oxley, D.European Review of Economic History[2013]
Missing women in the United KingdomAdamou, A., Drakos, C. and Iyer, S.IZA Journal of Migration[2013]
Bad apples: Political paralysis and the quality of politiciansLeon, G. J.Journal of Public Economic Theory[2013]
Decomposing changes in income risk using consumption dataBlundell, R., Low, H. W. and Preston, I.Quantitative Economics[2013]
An empirical growth model for major oil exportersEsfahani, H. S., Mohaddes, K. and Pesaran, M. H.Journal of Applied Econometrics[2013]
Sovereign Risk, Fiscal Policy, and Macroeconomic StabilityCorsetti, G., Kuester, K., Meier, A., and Müller, G. J.The Economic Journal[2013]
Retail development in the consumer revolution: The Netherlands, c. 1670-c. 1815Van den Heuvel, D. and Ogilvie, S.Explorations in Economic History[2013]
Asymptotic power of sphericity tests for high-dimensional dataOnatski, A., Moreira, M. J. and Hallin, M.Annals of Statistics[2013]
Emissions trading with profit-neutral permit allocations.Ritz, R. A., Hepburn, C.J. and Quah, K.-H.Journal of Public Economics[2013]
On welfare losses due to imperfect competitionRitz, R. A.Journal of Industrial Economics[2013]
Judicial institutions and firms' external finance: evidence from RussiaShvets, J.Journal of Law, Economics and Organization[2013]
Discrete choice nonresponseSmith, R. J. and Ramalho, E. J.Review of Economic Studies[2013]
Efficient aggregation of panel qualitative survey dataSmith, R. J., Mitchell, J. and Weale, M. R.Journal of Applied Econometrics[2013]
Technological objects, social positions and the transformational model of social activityFaulkner, P. and Runde, J.MIS Quarterly[2013]
The state of short-term expectation.Hayes, M.G.Review of Political Economy [2013]
The great diversification and its undoingCarvalho, V. M. and Gabaix, X.American Economic Review[2013]
Generalized demand densities for retail price investigationThomas, P., and Chrystal, A.American Journal of Industrial and Business Management[2013]
Retail price optimization from sparse demand dataThomas, P., and Chrystal, A.American Journal of Industrial and Business Management[2013]
What is this 'School' called Neoclassical economics?Lawson, T.Cambridge Journal of Economics[2013]
Sustainability and the measurement of wealth: further reflectionsArrow, K.J., Dasgupta, P., Goulder, L. H., Mumford, K. J. and Oleson, K.Environment and Development Economics[2013]
On the risk of long-run deflationTambakis, D. N.Economics Letters[2013]
De-industrialisation and the balance of payments in advanced economiesRowthorn, R. and Coutts, KThe Future of Manufacturing[2013]
Introduction to the symposiumAllain, O., Hartwig, J. and Hayes, M.G.Review of Political Economy[2013]
Democratization and the size of government: Evidence from the long 19th centuryAidt, T.S. and Jensen, P. S.Public Choice[2013]
Changing living standards in Southern Indian villages 1975-2006: revisiting the ICRISAT village level studiesDercon, S., Krishnan, P. and Krutikova, S.Journal of Development Studies[2013]
Collective versus decentralized wage bargaining and the efficient allocation of resourcesCai, X., Gautier, P.A., Teulings, C.N. and Watanabe, M.Labour Economics[2013]
The welfare gains of financial liberalization: capital accumulation and heterogeneityAntunes, A. and Cavalcanti, T. V. D.Journal of the European Economic Association[2013]
Strategy-proof stochastic assignmentErdil, A.Journal of Economic Theory[2013]
Job loss, credit constraints and consumption growthCrossley, T. and Low, H.Review of Economics and Statistics[2013]
Household consumption through recent recessionsCrossley, T.F. and Low, H.Fiscal Studies[2013]
Enclosing literacy? Common lands and human capital in Spain, 1860-1930Beltran, Tapia, F.J.Journal of Institutional Economics[2013]
The ties that bind: monetary policy and government debt managementChadha, J.S.Oxford Review of Economic Policy[2013]
Family background and students' achievement on a university entrance exam in BrazilGuimaraes, J. and Sampaio, B.Education Economics[2013]
The Transition from Individual to Collective Labour Relations in China Chand, K and Brown, W.Industrial Relations Journal[2013]
The Ending of Unauthorised Strikes in the West: Some Policy Implications for China Brown, W.The International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations [2013]
Income uncertainty and household savings in ChinaChamon, M., Liu, K. and Prasad, E.Journal of Development Economics[2013]
Persistent Antimarket Culture: A Legacy of the Pale of Settlement after the HolocaustGrosfeld, I., Rodnyansky, A. and Zhuravskaya, E.American Economic Journal: Economic Policy[2013]
Factor analysis of a large dsge modelOnatski, A. and Ruge-Murcia, F.Journal of Applied Econometrics[2013]
Financial liberalisation and financial crises in developing countries’ (in Chinese)Palma, J. G.Journal of Latin America Studies[2013]

Papers and Publications

Recent Publications

Elliott, M., Golub, B. and Leduc, M. V. Supply Network Formation and Fragility American Economic Review [2022]

Merrick Li, Z. and Linton, O. A ReMeDI for Microstructure Noise Econometrica [2022]

Ding, Y. A Simple Joint Model for Returns, Volatility and Volatility of Volatility Journal of Econometrics [2023]

Chen, J., Elliott, M. and Koh, A. Capability Accumulation and Conglomeratization in the Information Age Journal of Economic Theory [2023]