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Faculty of Economics


Gas Utilities; Pipelines; Water Utilities

Title AuthorsYearJEL Codes
Energy Markets Under Stress: Some Reflections on Lessons From the Energy Crisis in EuropePollitt, M. G.[2023]L94 L95
Toward an operational definition and a. methodology for measurement of the active DSO (distribution system operator) for electricity and gasCovatariu, A., Duma, D., Giulietti, M., Pollitt, M. G.[2023]L94 L95
Defining gas price limits and gas saving targets for a large-scale gas supply interruptionNeuhoff, K.[2022]D30 D47 D61 L95.
The case of 100% electrification of domestic heat in Great BritainCharitopoulos, V., Fajardy, M., Chyong, C K., Reiner, D.[2022]C31 C61 C63 L94 L95 Q42 Q48
Market power and long-term gas contracts: the case of Gazprom in Central and Eastern European Gas MarketsChyong, C K., Reiner, D. and Aggarwal, D.[2021]L95 L42 D47 D42 C63 P28
The CMA’s assessment of customer detriment in the UK retail energy marketLittlechild, S.[2020]L94 L95 L51
An overview of the electrification of residential and commercial heating and cooling and prospects for decarbonisationFajardy, M., Reiner, D M.[2020]L95 O13 Q41 Q42
Utilities Governance, Incentives, and Performance: Evidence from the Water Sector in IndiaNyathikala, S., Jamasb, T., Llorca, M., Kulshrestha, M.[2018]L97 L95 L51 L43 R52
The CMA’s Assessment of Customer Detriment in the GB Retail Energy MarketLittlechild, S.[2017]L94 L95 L51
Strategic investment and international spillovers in natural gas marketsRitz, R. A.[2015]D43 F12 L25 L95
Price Discrimination and Limits to Arbitrage in Global LNG MarketsRitz, R.[2013]D40 F12 L95
Economies of Scale and Scope in Network Industries: Lessons for the UK water and sewerage sectorsPollitt, M. J. and Steer, S.[2011]L95
Strategic Eurasian Natural Gas Model for Energy Security (Revised 6 April 2011)Chyong, C.-K. and Hobbs, B. F.[2011]C61 C72 L13 L95 H43
The Process of Negotiating Settlements at FERCLittlechild, S.[2011]L51 L95
Cost Curves for Gas Supply Security: The Case of BulgariaSilve, F. and Noel, P.[2010]L38 Q48 L5 L95 L98
New Models of Public Ownership in EnergyBrophy Haney, A. and Pollitt, M. G.[2010]L32 L94 L95
The Economics of the Nord Stream Pipeline SystemNoël, P., C., Reiner, D.M., N.[2010]L95 H43 C63

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