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Oligopoly and Other Imperfect Markets

Title AuthorsYearJEL Codes
Market Power and Price Exposure: Learning from Changes in Renewables RegulationFabra, N. and Imelda.[2021]L13 L51 Q4
Market Segmentation Through InformationElliott, M., Galeotti., A., Koh., A, and Li, W.[2021]D43 D83 L13
Cost Pass-through in the British Wholesale Electricity MarketGuo, B., Castagneto Gissey, G.[2019]L13 Q48 D41 H23 C32
Mergers, Mavericks, and Tacit CollusionDarai, D., Roux, C., Schneider, F.[2019]C91 D43 K21 L13 L41
Market Power and Spatial Competition in Rural IndiaChatterjee, S.[2019]D43 F12 L13 L81 O13 Q13 R12
Production efficiency of nodal and zonal pricing in imperfectly competitive electricity marketsSarfati, M., Hesamzadeh, M-R., Holmberg, P.[2019]C61 C72 D43 L13 L94
Central- versus Self-Dispatch in Electricity MarketsAhlqvist, V., Holmberg, P., Tangeras, T.[2019]D44 L13 L94
Increase-Decrease Game under Imperfect Competition in Two-stage Zonal Power Markets Part II: Solution AlgorithmSarfatia, M., Hesamzadeha, M., Holmberg, P.[2018]C61 C63 C72 D43 L13 L94
Increase-Decrease Game under Imperfect Competition in Two-stage Zonal Power Markets Part I: Concept AnalysisSarfatia, M., Hesamzadeha, M., Holmberg, P.[2018]C61 C63 C72 D43 L13 L94
Strategic behaviour in a capacity market? The new Irish electricity market designTeirilä, J., Ritz, R.[2018]D44 H57 L13 L94
Simulation and Evaluation of Zonal Electricity Market DesignsHesamzadeh, M., Holmberg, P., Sarfati, M.[2018]C61 C63 C72 D43 D47 L13 L94
A Primer on Capacity MechanismsFabra, N.[2018]L13 L51 L94
Market Power in the Capacity Market? The Case of IrelandTeirila, J.[2017]D43 D44 H57 L13 L94
Contracting in a market with differential informationRocha, M. and Greve, T.[2016]D43 D82 L13
The prisoner's dilemma in Cournot models: when endogenizing the level of competition leads to competitive behaviors.Abada, I. and Ehrenmann, A.[2016]L13 L70
How does renewables competition affect forward contracting in electricity markets?Ritz, R. A.[2016]L13 L94 Q21 Q41
The economics of global LNG trade: the case of Atlantic and Pacific inter-basin arbitrage in 2010-2014 Chyong, C.-K. and Kazmin, R.[2016]Q48 L140 L130 O13 Q47 Q410 P28
Markets and long-term contracts: The case of Russian gas supplies to EuropeChyong, C.-K.[2015]L140 L130 Q47 Q48 Q410 P28 O13
Electricity markets: Designing auctions where suppliers have uncertain costsHolmberg, P. and Wolak, F.[2015]C72 D43 D44 L13 L94
The robustness of industrial commodity oligopoly pricing strategies Newbery, D. M. and Greve, T.[2015]C63 C73 D43 L10 L13 L94
Market power issues in the reformed Russian electricity supply industry Chernenko, N.[2013]L11 L13 L94
The Strategic Robustness of Mark-up EquilibriaNewbery, D. M. and Greve, T.[2013]C63 C73 D43 L10 L13 L94
On welfare losses due to imperfect competitionRitz, R. A.[2013]D43 D61 L13 L22 L41
Relaxing competition through speculation: Committing to a negative supply slopeHolmberg, P. and Willems, B.[2012]JC73 D43 D44 G13 L13 L94
The roubstness of agent-based models of electricity wholesale marketsNewbery, D. M.[2012]C63 C73 D43 L10 L13 L94
Estimating market power in homogenous product markets using a composed error model: application to the California electricity marketOrea, L. and Steinbuks, J.[2012]C34 C51 L13 L94
Congestion management in electricity networks: Nodal, zonal and discriminatory pricingHolmberg, P. and Lazarczyk, E.[2012]C72 D44 D61 L13 L94
Strategic Eurasian Natural Gas Model for Energy Security (Revised 6 April 2011)Chyong, C.-K. and Hobbs, B. F.[2011]C61 C72 L13 L95 H43

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