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Economics of Regulation

Title AuthorsYearJEL Codes
Renewable Integration: The Role of Market ConditionsDavi-Arderius, D., Jamasb, T., Rosellon, J.[2024]L51 L94 Q41 Q42
Industrial cyberespionage in research and development racesStupak, O.[2023]L51 L53 O31 O34
Regulation of access, fees, and investment planning of transmission in Great BritainNewbery, D.[2023]D02 D44 H54 L51 L94 Q42
An assessment of the European electricity market reform options and a pragmatic proposalChaves, J. P., Cossent, R., Gómez San Román, T., Linares, P., Rivier, M.[2023]Q41 L51 L94
The sunshine state: implications from mass rooftop solar PV take-up rates in QueenslandSimshauser, P., Nelson, T., Gilmore, J.[2023]D25 D80 G32 L51 Q41
Changing times: Incentive regulation, corporate reorganisations, and productivity in the Great Britain’s gas networks.Ajayi, V., Pollitt, M.[2022]C23 D24 L51 L94
On dividends and market valuations of Australia’s listed electricity utilities: regulated vs. merchantSimshauser, P.[2022]D25 D80 G32 L51 Q41.
Financialisation as a (it’s-not-meant-to-make-sense) gigantic global jokePalma, J. G.[2022]E22 D70 D81 E51 F02 F21 F32 F40 F63 G15 G20 G30 L51 N20 O16
Renewable entry costs, project finance and the role of revenue quality in Australia’s National Electricity MarketGohdes, N. and Simshauser, P.[2022]D25 D80 G32 L51 Q41
The Levelised Cost of Frequency Control Ancillary Services in Australia’s National Electricity MarketGilmore, J., Nolan, T. and Simshauser, P.[2022]D25 D80 G32 L51 Q41
Rooftop Solar PV and the Peak Load Problem in the NEM’s Queensland RegionSimshauser, P.[2021]D25 D80 G32 L51 Q41
State-Level Electricity Generation Efficiency: Do Restructuring and Regulatory Institutions Matter in the US?Ajayi, V. and Weyman-Jones, T.[2021]C23 D24 L51 L94
Optimising VRE Plant Capacity in Renewable Energy ZonesSimshauser, P., Billimoria, F. and Rogers, C.[2021]D25 D80 G32 L51 Q41
Hayek and the Texas blackoutLittlechild, S. and Kiesling, L.[2021]L94 L51 K23 D47 D82
Market Power and Price Exposure: Learning from Changes in Renewables RegulationFabra, N. and Imelda.[2021]L13 L51 Q4
Vulnerable households and fuel poverty: policy targeting efficiency in Australia’s National Electricity MarketSimshauser, P.[2021]D25 D80 G32 L51 Q41
Renewable Energy Zones in Australia’s National Electricity MarketSimshauser, P.[2021]D25 D80 G32 L51 Q41
Finance as Perpetual Orgy How the ‘new alchemists’ twisted Kindleberger’s cycle of “manias, panics and crashes” into “manias, panics and renewed manias”Palma, J. G.[2020]E22 D70 D81,E24 E51 F02 F21 F32 F40 F44 F63 G15 G20 G28 G30 G38 L51 N20 O16
An Overall Customer Satisfaction score for GB energy suppliersLittlechild, S.[2020]L15 L51 L94
Generalized linear competition: From pass-through to policyGenakos, C., Grey, F., and Ritz, R.[2020]D43 H23 L51 L93
The CMA’s assessment of customer detriment in the UK retail energy marketLittlechild, S.[2020]L94 L95 L51
Can wholesale electricity prices support “subsidy-free” generation investment in Europe?Chyong, C., Pollitt, M., Cruise, R.[2019]D47 L94 L98 L51 Q48 Q41 C61
Political Economy of Reform and Regulation in the Electricity Sector of Sub-Saharan AfricaImam, M., Jamasb, T. and Llorca, M.[2019]D73 Q48 L51 L94 O55 P16
The role of expectations for market design – on structural regulatory uncertainty in electricity marketsAmbrosius, M., Egerer, J., Grimm, V. and van der Weijde, A.[2019]D47 D80 L51 Q41 Q48
Network Utilities Performance and Institutional Quality: Evidence from the Italian Electricity SectorSoroush, G., Cambini, C., Jamasb, T. and Llorca, M.[2019]D22 L51 L94 O43
Utilities Governance, Incentives, and Performance: Evidence from the Water Sector in IndiaNyathikala, S., Jamasb, T., Llorca, M., Kulshrestha, M.[2018]L97 L95 L51 L43 R52
Pass-through, profits and the political economy of regulationGrey, F., Ritz, R.[2018]D43 H23 L51 L92 Q54
Reactive Power Procurement: Lessons from Three Leading CountriesAnaya, K., Pollitt, M.[2018]D47 L51 Q40 Q48
Regional Differences in Economic Impacts of Power Outages in FinlandGunduz, N., Kufeoglu, S., Winzer, C., Lehtonen, M.[2018]L15 L51 L94
Economic dispatch in the electricity sector in China: potential benefits and challenges aheadChen, H., Chyong CK., Kang, J-N., Wei Y-M.[2018]P28 Q48 L94 L51 L52
Institutions and Performance of Regulated Firms: Evidence from Electric Utilities in the Indian StatesJamasb, T., Llorca, M., Khetrapal, P., Thakur, T.[2018]D22 L51 L94 O43
A Primer on Capacity MechanismsFabra, N.[2018]L13 L51 L94
Small Systems, Big Targets: Power Sector Reforms and Renewable Energy Development in Small Electricity SystemsNepal, R. and Jamasb, T. and Sen, A. and Cram, L.[2017]D04 L94 Q48 L51
What future(s) for liberalized electricity markets: efficient, equitable or innovative?Newbery, D.[2017]D44 L51 L94 Q40 Q48 Q51
The CMA’s Assessment of Customer Detriment in the GB Retail Energy MarketLittlechild, S.[2017]L94 L95 L51
Gone with the wind? An empirical analysis of the renewable energy rent transferLiski, M. and Vehviläinen, I.[2017]L51 L94 Q28 Q42 Q48
Using a spatial econometric approach to mitigate omitted variables in stochastic frontier models: An application to Norwegian electricity distribution networksOrea, L. and Álvarez, I. and Jamasb, T.[2016]D24 L51 L94
The Direct Costs and Benefits of US Electric Utility DivestituresTriebs, T. P. and Pollitt, M. G.[2015]L25 L51 L94
The benefits of integrating European electricity marketsNewbery, D. M., Strbac, G. and Viehoff, I.[2015]D61 F15 L51 L94
Distributed Generation: Opportunities for Distribution Network Operators, Wider Society and GeneratorsAnaya, K. L. and Pollitt, M. G.[2015]D61 H25 L51 L94 Q40 Q48
The Role of Distribution Network Operators in Promoting Cost-Effective Distributed Generation: Lessons from the United States for EuropeAnaya, K. and Pollitt, M.[2014]D44 L51 L94 Q28,Q48
Promoting or restricting competition?: Regulation of the UK retail residential energy market since 2008Littlechild, S.[2014]L510 L970 L940
Incentive Regulation and Utility Benchmarking for Electricity Network SecurityJamasb, T. and Nepal, R.[2014]L94 L51 L98
The competition assessment framework for the retail energy sector: some concerns about the proposed interpretationLittlechild, S.[2014]L970 L510
Issues and Options in the Economic Regulation of European Network SecurityJamasb, T. and Nepal, R.[2014]L51 L94 L98
Dynamic Efficiency and Incentive Regulation: An Application to Electricity Distribution NetworksPoudineh, R., Emvalomatis, G. and Jamasb, T. .[2014]L43 L51 L94 D21 D23 D24
Title:Distributed Generation Storage, Demand Response, and Energy Efficiency as Alternatives to Grid Capacity EnhancementPoudineh, R. and Jamasb, T.[2013]L43 L51 L52 L94
Finding the Optimal Approach for Allocating and Realising the Distribution System Capacity: Decidng between Interruptible Connections and Firm DG Connections.Anaya, K. L. and Pollitt, M.[2013]D61 L51 L94 Q21 Q40 Q48
Efficiency and Environmental Factors in the US Electricity Transmission IndustryLlorca, M., Orea, L. and Pollitt, M.[2013]D22 L51 L94
Understanding best practice regarding interruptible connections for wind generation: lessons from national and international experienceAnaya, K. L. and Pollitt, M.[2013]L51 L94 Q20 Q28 Q40
Investment and Efficiency under Incentive Regulation: The Case of the Norwegian Electricity Distribution NetworksPoudineh, R. and Jamasb, T.[2013]L43 L51 L94 D21 D23 D24
How to create a financial crisis by trying to avoid one: the Brazilian 1999-financial collapse as "Macho-Monetarism" can't handle "Bubble Thy Neighbour" levels of inflowsPalma, J. G.[2013]D70 D81 F21 F32 F40 G15 G28 G38 H12 L51 N20 O16 O43
A cross country analysis of electricity market reforms: potential contribution of New Institutional EconomicsErdogdu, E.[2012]E02 L51 L94 O17
The Impact of Transmission Pricing in Network IndustriesRuderer, D.[2012]L94 L51 D41
The Hunter Valley Access Undertaking: elements of a negotiated settlementBordignon, S. and Littlechild, S.[2012]L51 L92 L97
How the full opening of the capital account to highly liquid financial markets led Latin America to two and a half cycles of ‘mania, panic and crash’Palma, J. G.[2012]D70 D81 F21 F32 F40 G15 G28 G38 H12 L51 N20 O16 O43
Merchant and Regulated Transmission: Theory, Evidence and PolicyLittlechild, S.[2011]L33 L51 L94
Lessons from the History of Independent System Operators in the Energy Sector, with applications to the Water SectorPollitt, M. J.[2011]L23 L51 L94
Regulation, customer protection and customer engagementLittlechild, S.[2011]L51 L90
The Process of Negotiating Settlements at FERCLittlechild, S.[2011]L51 L95
Estimating Marginal Cost of Quality Improvements: The Case of the UK Electricity Distribution CompaniesJamasb, T., Orea , L. O. and Pollitt, M. G.[2010]L51 L94
Efficiency Effects of Quality of Service and Environmental Factors: Experience from Norwegian Electricity DistributionGrowitsch, C., Jamasb, T. and Wetzel , H. .[2010]L15 L51 L94
The Direct Costs and Benefits of US Electric Utility DivestituresTriebs, T. P., Pollitt, M. G. and Kwoka, J. E.[2010]L25 L51 L94
Ownership and competition: Finding Performance Breaks for Great Britain's Power PlantsTriebs, T. P. and Pollitt, M. G.[2010]L33 L16 L51 L94
Weather Factors and Performance of Network Utilities: A Methodology and Application to Electricity DistributionJamasb, T., Orea, L. and Pollitt, M. G.[2010]L15 L51 L94

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