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Faculty of Economics


Empirical Studies of Economic Growth; Aggregate Productivity; Cross-Country Output Convergence

Title AuthorsYearJEL Codes
The Productivity Puzzle in Network Industries: Evidence from the Energy SectorAjayi, V., Dolphin, G., Anaya, K. and Pollitt, M.[2020]D24 O47 H23
The Aggregate Consequences of Default Risk: Evidence from Firm-level DataBesley, T., Roland, I. and Van Reenen, J.[2020]D24 E32 L11 O47
Why is Europe Falling Behind? Structural Transformation and Services' Productivity Differences between Europe and the U.S.Buiatti, C., Duarte, J. B. and Saenz, L. F.[2017]O41 O47 O57
Determinants of long-term economic growth redux: A Measurement Error Model Averaging (MEMA) approachDoppelhofer, G., Moe Hansen, O-P. and and Weeks, M.[2017]C11 C82 E01 O47
Investment in Productivity and the Long-Run Effect of Financial Crises on OutputDe Ridder, M.[2016]E32 E44 O30 O47
Robust Growth DeterminantsDoppelhofer, G. and Weeks, M.[2011]C11 C21 C52 O20 O47 O50

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