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Faculty of Economics


Economic Development: Financial Markets; Saving and Capital Investment; Corporate Finance and Governance

Title AuthorsYearJEL Codes
Macroeconomic Perspectives on ProductivityChadha J. S., Samiri, I.[2024]E22 E24 E32 E44 E51 E62 O16 O42 O47
Financialisation as a (it’s-not-meant-to-make-sense) gigantic global jokePalma, J. G.[2022]E22 D70 D81 E51 F02 F21 F32 F40 F63 G15 G20 G30 L51 N20 O16
Financial Frictions, Firm Dynamics and the Aggregate Economy: Insights from Richer Productivity ProcessesRuiz-García, J. C. [2021]E22 G32 O16
Finance as Perpetual Orgy How the ‘new alchemists’ twisted Kindleberger’s cycle of “manias, panics and crashes” into “manias, panics and renewed manias”Palma, J. G.[2020]E22 D70 D81,E24 E51 F02 F21 F32 F40 F44 F63 G15 G20 G28 G30 G38 L51 N20 O16
Bank Default Risk Propagation along Supply Chains: Evidence from the U.K.Spatareanu, M., Manole, V., Kabiri, A. and Roland, I.[2020]G21 G34 O16 O30
Distributional Aspects of Microcredit ExpansionsChristiansen, T. and Weeks, M.[2020]D14 G21 I38 O12 O16 P36
The Chilean economy since the return to democracy in 1990. On how to get an emerging economy growing, and then sink slowly into the quicksand of a “middle-income trap”Palma, J. G.[2019]B52 O54 E20 F13 F53 H54 J20 L52 N16 N66 O16 O40 P50
The Social Dynamics of Collective Action: Evidence from the Captain Swing Riots, 1830-31Aidt, T. S., Leon, G. and Satchell, M.[2017]D72 D74 O16
Does Anti-Diversification Pay? A One-Sided Matching Model of MicrocreditKlein, T.[2015]C11 C31 C34 C36 C78 C57 D02 D47 D82 G21 O16 Q14
Evolution of Bilateral Capital Flows to Developing Countries at Intensive and Extensive MarginsAraujo, J., Lastauskas, P. and Papageorgiou, C.[2015]C33 C34 F21 F62 O16
Latin America's social imagination since 1950. From one type of 'absolute certainties' to another - with no (far more creative)'uncomfortable uncertainties' in sight,Palma, J. G.[2014]B5 D3 E2 F13 F59 J20 L520 N16 N36 O16 O4 P5
How to create a financial crisis by trying to avoid one: the Brazilian 1999-financial collapse as "Macho-Monetarism" can't handle "Bubble Thy Neighbour" levels of inflowsPalma, J. G.[2013]D70 D81 F21 F32 F40 G15 G28 G38 H12 L51 N20 O16 O43
Was Brazil's recent growth acceleration the world's most overrated boom?Palma, J. G.[2012]B52 D31 E20 F13 F59 H54 J20 L50 N16 N36 O16 O40 P50
How the full opening of the capital account to highly liquid financial markets led Latin America to two and a half cycles of ‘mania, panic and crash’Palma, J. G.[2012]D70 D81 F21 F32 F40 G15 G28 G38 H12 L51 N20 O16 O43
Civil War and Human Development: Impacts of Finance and Financial InfrastructureBaddeley, M.[2011]O15 O16 O43 H56
The Revenge of the Market on the Rentiers: Why neo-liberal Reports of the end of history turned out to be prematurePalma, J. G.[2009]E22 E24 F02 F36 F59 G20 G30 N20 O16 O43

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