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Faculty of Economics

Seminars This Term

Due to COVID-19 this years Seminars will be taking place in person and online

For more information or to attend online please contact

25 Sep

Dr Carlos Schmidt-Padilla (University of Pennsylvania)

"Organised crime and development"
Monday 25th September 2023 11:00am
Zoom (Special Seminar)

27 Sep

Lukas Lehner (University of Oxford)

"Employing the unemployed of Marienthal: Evaluation of a guaranteed job program" with Syngjoo Choi, Fulin Guo, and Fred Moisan
Wednesday 27th September 2023 11:00am
Hybrid Meade (Special Seminar)

12 Oct

Professor Mónica Costa-Dias (University of Bristol)

"High Education Sorting and Social Mobility " with Jack Britton and David Goll
Thursday 12th October 2023 4:00pm
Hybrid Meade (Special Seminar)

08 Nov

Christian Bayer (University of Bonn)

Wednesday 8th November 2023 2:00pm
Hybrid Meade (Special)