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Faculty of Economics

Faculty Meetings

Organisers:   Dr Melvyn Weeks & Professor Sanjeev Goyal

03 Feb

Permissioned Blockchains

Date: Monday 3rd February 2020

Speaker: Keith Bear (Fellow Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance)

"The Evolution of Private/Permissioned Blockchains"

Speaker: Richard Gendal Brown (Chief Technology Officer, R3 Corda)

"Permissioned Blockchains in Practice: Corda as a Case Study"

Accompanying Articles:

18 Nov


Date: Monday 18th November 2019

Speaker: Professor Vili Lehdonvirta (Internet Institute, Oxford)

"The Problem of Governance in Distributed Ledger Technologies"

Speaker: David Galindo ( and University of Birmingham)

"On the Need for Formal and Effective Internal Governance Mechanisms in Permissionless Blockchains"

28 Oct

The Adoption of Crypto Assets

Date: Monday 28th October 2019

Speaker: Andrei Kirilenko (Judge Business School)

"The Adoption of Crypto Assets"

01 May

Typologies, Trust, Consensus Mechanisms

Date: Wednesday 1st May 2019

Speaker: Melvyn Weeks (Faculty of Economics, Cambridge)

"A Typology of Blockchains"

Speaker: James Monaghan (Evernym)

"Practical Decentralised Trust and Identity"

Speaker: Fred Mosain ( & Faculty of Economics, Cambridge)

"Economics of Consensus Mechanisms"

01 Apr

Introduction Meeting

Date: Monday 1st April 2019