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Faculty of Economics


Asymmetric and Private Information; Mechanism Design

Title AuthorsYearJEL Codes
Multi-unit auctions with uncertain supply and single-unit demandAnderson, E., Holmberg, P.[2023]C72 D44 D82
Third-Party Sale of InformationEvans, R., Park, I-U.[2022]D61 D82 D83 L12 L15
When is a Contrarian Adviser Optimal?Evans, R. A., Reiche, S. K.[2022]D82 D83 D73
Optimal Nonlinear Savings TaxationBrendon, C.[2022]D82 E21 E61 H21 H24 H30
In platforms we trust: misinformation on social networks in the presence of social mistrustCharlson, G. [2022]D82 D83 D85
Hayek and the Texas blackoutLittlechild, S. and Kiesling, L.[2021]L94 L51 K23 D47 D82
Checking Cheap TalkBall, I. and Gao, X.[2019]D82 D83
Spreading LiesRedlicki, B.[2017]D82 D83 L82
Hidden Testing and Selective Disclosure of EvidenceHerresthal, C.[2017]D83 D82
Contracting in a market with differential informationRocha, M. and Greve, T.[2016]D43 D82 L13
Does Anti-Diversification Pay? A One-Sided Matching Model of MicrocreditKlein, T.[2015]C11 C31 C34 C36 C78 C57 D02 D47 D82 G21 O16 Q14
Domestic Production as a Source of Marital Power: Theory and Evidence from MalawiTelalagic, S.[2012]D13 D82 J12 J22
Asset price manipulation with several tradersWalther, A.[2012]D80 D82 G10 G14
Knowledge is power: A theory of information, income and welfare spendingLind, J. T. and Rohner, D.[2011]D31 D72 D82 H53
On the Difficulty of Measuring Forecasting Skill in Financial MarketsSatchell, S. and J. Williams , O.[2010]D53 D82 D84 G11 G17
Social Welfare Issues of Financial LiteracySatchell, S. and J. Williams , O.[2010]D14 D53 D60 D82 D84 G01 G17 G18 G28

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