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Faculty of Economics


Climate; Natural Disasters and Their Management; Global Warming

Title AuthorsYearJEL Codes
Rising Temperatures, Melting Incomes: Country-Specific Macroeconomic Effects of Climate ScenariosMohaddes, K., Raissi, M.[2024]C33 O40 O44 Q51 Q54
Climate Change and Sovereign Risk: A Regional Analysis for the CaribbeanAgarwala, M., Burke, M., Doherty-Bigara, J., Klusak, P., Mohaddes, K.[2024]C33 C53 G10 G18 H63 O44 O54 Q51 Q54
The Incremental Impact of China’s CarbonLu, M., Pollitt, M. G., Wang, K., Wei, Y-M.[2023]Q54 L94
Supply-Side crediting for accelerated decarbonization: A political economy perspectiveMehling, M. A.[2023]H23 O30 P18 Q54
Supply-Side Crediting to Manage Climate Policy Spillover EffectsMehling, M. A.[2023]H23 K33 O30 Q54
Net Zero Saudi Arabia: How Green Can the Oil Kingdom Get?Krane, J.[2023]Q01 Q4 P16 P18 Q32 Q35 Q38 Q54 Q58 H23
Green growth and net zero policy in the UK: some conceptual and measurement issues.Ajayi, V., Pollitt, M.[2022]D24 O44 Q53 Q54
Carbon pricing and industrial competitiveness: Border adjustment or free allocation?Ritz, R.[2022]H23 L11 Q54
How to distinguish climate sceptics, antivaxxers, and persistent sceptics: Evidence from a multi-country survey of public attitudesClulow, Z. and Reiner, D. M.[2022]I12 I18 Q54 Q58
How do transfers and universal basic income impact the labor market and inequality?Rauh, C. and Santos, M. R. [2022]C33 O40 O44 O51 Q51 Q54
Climate Change and Economic Activity: Evidence from U.S. StatesMohaddes, K., Ng, R. N. C., Pesaran, M. H., Raissi, M. and Yang, J-C. [2022]C33 O40 O44 O51 Q51 Q54
People-centric Emission Reduction in Buildings: A Data-driven and Network Topology-based InvestigationDebnath, R., Bardhan, R., Mohaddes, K., Shah, D. U., Ramage, M. H. and Alvarez, R. M. [2022]C63 Q54
Should the EU ETS be extended to road transport and heating fuels?Pollitt, M. G., Dolphin, G. G.[2021]Q52 Q54 Q58
Global Carbon Price AsymmetryRitz, R.[2021]H23 L11 Q54
Climate targets, executive compensation, and corporate strategyRitz, R.[2020]L21 M12 Q54
Going beyond default intensities in an EU carbon border adjustment mechanismMehling, M., and Ritz, R.[2020]H23 K33 Q54
Implications of the National Energy and Climate Plans for the Single Electricity Market of the island of IrelandNewbery, D.[2020]C63 Q42 Q54
The cost of CO2 abatement from Britain’s only PWR: Sizewell BNewbery, D.[2020]D61 H23 L94 C54 E43 H54 L94 Q54
The Adaptive Investment Effect: Evidence from Chinese ProvincesMohaddes, K., and Williams, R.[2020]C33 O40 O53 Q51 Q54
Border Carbon Adjustments and Industrial Competitiveness in a European Green DealEvans, S., Mehling, M., Ritz, R. and Sammon, P.[2020]H23 K33 Q54
Carbon pricing and the elasticity of CO2 emissionsRafaty, R., Dolphin, G., Pretis, F.[2020]Q43 Q48 Q54 Q58 H23
Overlapping Climate PoliciesPerino, G., Ritz, R., van Benthem, A.[2020]H23 Q54
The Growth Effects of El Niño and La Niña: Local Weather Conditions MatterCouharde, C., Damette, O., Generoso, R., Mohaddes, K.[2019]C33 O40 Q54
Carbon cost pass-through in industrial sectorsNeuhoff, K., Ritz, R.[2019]L11 L70 Q54 Q58
Exploring public support for climate action and renewables in resource-rich economies: The case of ScotlandOstfeld, R., Reiner, D.[2019]P18 Q42 Q54 Q58
Long-Term Macroeconomic Effects of Climate Change: A Cross-Country AnalysisKahn, M. E., Mohaddes, K., Ng, R. N. C., Pesaran, M. H., Raissi, M. and Yang, J-C.[2019]C33 O40 O44 O51 Q51 Q54
Understanding overlapping policies: Internal carbon leakage and the punctured waterbedPerino, G., Ritz, R., Van Benthem, A.[2019]H23 Q54
Strengths and Weaknesses of the British Market ModelNewbery, D.[2019]D43,D47 H23 L94 Q48 Q54
The impact of a Carbon Tax on the CO2 emissions reduction of windChyong, C-K., Guo, B., Newbery, D.[2019]H23 L94 Q48 Q54
Pass-through, profits and the political economy of regulationGrey, F., Ritz, R.[2018]D43 H23 L51 L92 Q54
When is a carbon price floor desirable?Newbery, D., Reiner, D., Ritz, R.[2018]H23 L94 Q48 Q54
A comparison of public preferences for different low-carbon energy technologies: Support for CCS, nuclear and wind energy in the United KingdomYu, H., Reiner, D., Chen, H., Mi, Z.[2018]C54 Q42 Q54
Systems Innovation, Inertia and Pliability: A mathematical exploration with implications for climate change abatementGrubb, M., Mercure, J., Salas, P., Lange, R., Sognnaes, I.[2018]B52 L50 O33 O38 Q40 Q54
Stakeholder Views on Interactions between Low-carbon Policies and Carbon Markets in China: Lessons from the Guangdong ETSJiang, M., Liang, X., Reiner, D., Lin, B. and Duan, M.[2018]H23 Q58 N45 Q48 Q54
Designing an electricity wholesale market to accommodate significant renewables penetration: Lessons from BritainNewbery, D.[2017]D47 D52 H23 L94 Q48 Q54
The economics of air pollution from fossil fuelsNewbery, D.[2017]H2 H23 H41 I18 Q51 Q54 Q58
How to judge whether supporting solar PV is justifiedNewbery, D.[2017]C60 H23 H43 Q42 Q54 Q55
The Impact of Earthquakes on Economic Activity: Evidence from ItalyPorcelli, F. and Trezzi, R.[2016]Q54 E00 J01
Pricing electricity and supporting renewables in Heavily Energy Subsidized EconomiesNewbery, D. M.[2016]H23 h53 Q41 Q48 Q54
Questioning the EU Target Electricity Model - how should it be adapted to deliver the Trilemma?Newbery, D. M.[2016]D47 H23 L94 Q48 Q54
A Global Carbon Market?Pollitt, M. G.[2016]Q54
Policies for decarbonizing a liberalized power sectorNewbery, D. M.[2016]C65 Q42 Q48 Q51 Q54
It's the Society, Stupid! Communicating Emergent Climate Technologies in the Internet Age Corry, O. and Reiner, D.[2016]M38 Q40 Q54 Q58
The long-run equilibrium impact of intermittent renewables on wholesale electricity pricesNewbery, D. M.[2016]D47 H23 L94 Q42 Q48 Q54
Reforming UK energy policy to live within its means Newbery, D. M.[2015]H2 H41 Q42 Q48 Q54
Energy efficiency in Market vs Planned Economies: Evidence from Transition CountriesNepal, R. and Jamasb, T.[2013]P28 Q54 C33
The current state of CCS: Ongoing research at the University of Cambridge with application to the UK policy frameworkDaniels, K. A., Huppert, H., Neufeld, J. and Reiner, D.[2012]O13 Q40 Q41 Q42 Q48 Q51 Q54 Q55 Q58
The Effect of CO2 Pricing on Conventional and Non-Conventional Oil Supply and DemandMéjean, A. and Hope, C.[2010]Q41 Q42 Q47 Q54
Oil Shortages, Climate Change and Collective ActionNewbery, D. M.[2010]Q32 Q54 H23 L71
Upstream vs. Downstream CO2 Trading: A Comparison for the Electricity ContextHobbs, B. F., Bushnell, J. and Wolak, F. A.[2010]Q52 Q54 Q58
Supplying Synthetic Crude Oil from Canadian Oil Sands: A Comparative Study of the Costs and CO2 Emissions of Mining and In-Situ RecoveryMéjean, A. and Hope , C.[2010]Q42 Q47 Q54

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