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Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Economics does very well in REF 2014.

2014 Research Excellence Framework

We are delighted to report on the outstanding results that the Faculty of Economics at Cambridge has achieved in the 2014 REF.

In terms of research output, 55% of our research work was rated as "World Leading" and a further 39% classed as "Internationally Excellent". This puts the Faculty in 2nd place across the UK for research output.

To create an overall score, the quality of research outputs is combined with an assessment of the non-academic impact of research (where we were 6th) and an assessment of the research environment (8th). This creates a "GPA". Our overall GPA is 3.42, and this puts us in 4th place, behind UCL, LSE and Oxford.

This performance represents a major improvement on our performance in the previous two research assessment exercises. In 2008, our GPA was 3.05 and our improvement in GPA is greater than any Economics department in the UK. This is a reflection of the hard work put in by our colleagues over the past 5 years.

The Faculty of Economics at Cambridge has a small faculty compared to the other top 5 economics departments in the UK. For this reason we focus on the quality of our submission, rather than looking at measures that multiply quality by the number of full-time equivalents: not surprisingly, our small size means the total quantity of research is smaller than our competitors in the top 5.

Our results reflect the strong performance of the University of Cambridge at large. The University's own statement on the REF results can be found here:

Details of the REF outcomes across the UK are available at:

The Times Higher Education Supplement is available at:

Professor Sanjeev Goyal, Chair of the Faculty of Economics

Professor Hamish Low, Director of Research Strategy