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Faculty of Economics

Junior Research Fellowship competition

The timetable for our Title A (jrf) competition has changed. This note is to alert you that the 2012 competition is now open. Candidates must submit their applications, on the on-line system, by the end of August. The short-listing committee meets on the Monday before the start of Michaelmas Full Term (i.e. on the day formerly of the Fellowship Election), and the decisive meeting of the Fellowship Electors will be on the Monday before the start of Lent Full Term, 16 January 2012.

Details of the competition are available on the web ( and have also been advertised in the *Reporter* and elsewhere. Please mention the competition to students you think it might interest and to colleagues who might have students who wish to compete, bearing in mind the new, simpler eligibility criteria we introduced last time, according to which the competition is open to anyone for whom the fellowship would be a first, substantial, paid academic or research post. If you would like a copy of the advertisement sent to anyone, please send an e-mail to

John Marenbon, Secretary to the Electors.