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Faculty of Economics

Should the EU ETS be extended to road transport and heating fuels?
Pollitt, M. G., Dolphin, G. G. (2021)

Keywords: climate policy, emissions trading, EU, net zero
JEL Codes: Q52 Q54 Q58

3-Party Covenant Financing of ‘Semi-Regulated’ Pumped Hydro Assets
Simshauser, P., Gohde, N. (2024)

Keywords: Pumped Hydro, Energy Storage, Energy-Only Markets
JEL Codes: D52 D53 G12 L94 Q40

Assessing China’s green hydrogen supply and end-use diffusion in hard-to-abate industries
Tang, H., Reiner, D M., Chen, W. (2024)

Keywords: Green Hydrogen, Hard-to-Abate Industries, Supply, End-Use
JEL Codes: D24 Q21 Q41 Q42

Renewable Integration: The Role of Market Conditions
Davi-Arderius, D., Jamasb, T., Rosellon, J. (2024)

Keywords: Renewables, Decarbonization, Generation Mix, Redispatching, Renewable Curtailment, Synchronous Generators, Day-Ahead Market, Network Constraints, Gas Crisis, System Operator, Smart Grids, Digitalization
JEL Codes: L51 L94 Q41 Q42

Investigating the Regional and Individual Drivers of the Support for Renewable Energy Transition: The Role of Severe Material Deprivation
Altsitsiadis, E., Kaiser, M., Tsakas, A., Kyriakidis, A., Stamos, A. (2024)

Keywords: Renewable energy acceptance, just transition, energy poverty, regional factors
JEL Codes: I32 Q42 Q55 R58

Marginal curtailment of wind and solar PV: transmission constraints, pricing and access regimes for efficient investment
Newbery, D., Biggar, D. (2024)

Keywords: Transmission constraints, access regimes, variable renewable electricity, marginal curtailment, nodal pricing
JEL Codes: H23 L94 Q28 Q42 Q48

Comparison of policy instruments in the development process of offshore wind power in North Sea countries
Zhang, H., Pollitt, M. (2023)

Keywords: Offshore wind, Contract for Difference, North Sea
JEL Codes: L94 Q25

Non-Firm vs. Priority Access: on the Long Run Average and Marginal Cost of Renewables in Australia
Simshauser, P., Newbery, D. (2023)

Keywords: Renewables, Network Congestion, Curtailment, Marginal Curtailment, Renewable Energy Zones
JEL Codes: D52 D53 G12 L94 Q40

On Static vs. Dynamic Line Ratings in Renewable Energy Zones
Simshauser, P. (2023)

Keywords: Renewable Energy Zones, Dynamic Line ratings, Frequency Control Ancillary Services, Variable Renewable Energy
JEL Codes: D52 D53 G12 L94 Q40

Estimating the target-consistent carbon price for electricity
Newbery, D. (2023)

Keywords: social cost of carbon, variable renewable electricity, marginal curtailment
JEL Codes: H23 L94 Q28 Q42 Q48

High renewable electricity penetration: marginal curtailment and market failure under “subsidy-free” entry
Newbery, D. (2023)

Keywords: renewable electricity, marginal wind curtailment, integration costs, market failures, inertia charges
JEL Codes: H23 L94 Q28 Q42 Q48

Locational Marginal Prices (LMPs) for Electricity in Europe? The Untold Story
Pollitt, M. G. (2023)

Keywords: LMPs, nodal pricing, electricity markets
JEL Codes: L94

Energy Markets Under Stress: Some Reflections on Lessons From the Energy Crisis in Europe
Pollitt, M. G. (2023)

Keywords: energy crisis, single market in energy, wartime
JEL Codes: L94 L95

The Incremental Impact of China’s Carbon
Lu, M., Pollitt, M. G., Wang, K., Wei, Y-M. (2023)

Keywords: Carbon Emissions Trading Scheme, Target responsibility system, Policy evaluation, Triple difference-in-differences
JEL Codes: Q54 L94

Toward an operational definition and a. methodology for measurement of the active DSO (distribution system operator) for electricity and gas
Covatariu, A., Duma, D., Giulietti, M., Pollitt, M. G. (2023)

Keywords: distribution system operator, distributed energy resources, decarbonisation
JEL Codes: L94 L95

Supply-Side crediting for accelerated decarbonization: A political economy perspective
Mehling, M. A. (2023)

Keywords: Supply-side approaches, fossil fuels, offset credits, political economy
JEL Codes: H23 O30 P18 Q54

Supply-Side Crediting to Manage Climate Policy Spillover Effects
Mehling, M. A. (2023)

Keywords: Climate change, spillover effects, emissions leakage, supply-side approaches, technology, offset credits
JEL Codes: H23 K33 O30 Q54

Multi-Objective Auctions for Utility-Scale Solar Battery Systems: Lessons for ASEAN and East Asia
Toba, N., Jamasb, T., Maurer, L., Sen, A. (2023)

Keywords: Renewable energy, solar power, battery storage, auction design
JEL Codes: D0 D4 D8 L0 L1 L9

The regulation of electricity transmission in Australia’s National Electricity Market: user charges, investment and access
Simshauser, P. (2023)

Keywords: Microeconomic reform, electricity transmission, network regulation
JEL Codes: D52 D53 G12 L94. Q40

Multi-unit auctions with uncertain supply and single-unit demand
Anderson, E., Holmberg, P. (2023)

Keywords: Multi-unit auction, single-unit demand, uniform pricing, pay-as-bid, asymmetric information, publicity effect
JEL Codes: C72 D44 D82