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Faculty of Economics

Modelling future trends of annual embodied energy of urban residential building stock in China
Zhou, W., Moncaster, A., O’Neill, E., Reiner, D., Wang, X., Guthrie, P. (2022)

Keywords: Urban residential buildings, embodied energy, dynamic stock turnover, probabilistic model, material intensity, policy implications
JEL Codes: O18 R21 Q4

Wind, water and wires: evaluating joint wind and interconnector capacity expansions in hydro-rich regions
Newbery, D. (2022)

Keywords: Hydro-storage, wind, interconnectors, carbon benefits
JEL Codes: D47 D61 F18 H23 Q25 Q42

The case of 100% electrification of domestic heat in Great Britain
Charitopoulos, V., Fajardy, M., Chyong, C K., Reiner, D. (2022)

Keywords: heat electrification, energy systems optimisation, carbon capture and storage, heat pumps, unit commitment, investment planning
JEL Codes: C31 C61 C63 L94 L95 Q42 Q48

How to distinguish climate sceptics, antivaxxers, and persistent sceptics: Evidence from a multi-country survey of public attitudes
Clulow, Z. and Reiner, D. M. (2022)

Keywords: climate scepticism, anti-vaccine, public perceptions, trust, COVID-19
JEL Codes: I12 I18 Q54 Q58

Renewable entry costs, project finance and the role of revenue quality in Australia’s National Electricity Market
Gohdes, N. and Simshauser, P. (2022)

Keywords: Renewable Energy, PPAs, Project Finance, Counterparty Credit, Cost of Capital
JEL Codes: D25 D80 G32 L51 Q41

People-centric Emission Reduction in Buildings: A Data-driven and Network Topology-based Investigation
Debnath, R., Bardhan, R., Mohaddes, K., Shah, D. U., Ramage, M. H. and Alvarez, R. M. (2022)

Keywords: building, computational social science, Emission, people-centric transition, Twitter
JEL Codes: C63 Q54

The Levelised Cost of Frequency Control Ancillary Services in Australia’s National Electricity Market
Gilmore, J., Nolan, T. and Simshauser, P. (2022)

Keywords: Frequency control ancillary services, electricity markets, battery storage
JEL Codes: D25 D80 G32 L51 Q41

Where next for the electricity distribution system operator? Evidence from a survey of European DSOs and National Regulatory Authorities
Anaya, K. L., Giulietti, M. and Pollitt, M. G. (2022)

Keywords: distribution system operator, DSO, Electricity Regulation
JEL Codes: L94 L54 L21

Incentive Regulation, Productivity Growth and Environmental Effects: The Case of Electricity Networks in Great Britain
Ajayi, V., Anaya, K. and Pollitt, M. (2021)

Keywords: Total factor productivity, incentive regulation, electricity networks, emissions
JEL Codes: D24 H23 L43 L94

Rooftop Solar PV and the Peak Load Problem in the NEM’s Queensland Region
Simshauser, P. (2021)

Keywords: rooftop solar PV, renewables, power generation, energy-only markets, peak load problem
JEL Codes: D25 D80 G32 L51 Q41

An evaluation of a local reactive power market: the case of Power Potential
Anaya, K. L. and Pollitt, M. G. (2021)

Keywords: reactive power, social cost benefit analysis, distributed energy resources, ancillary services procurement
JEL Codes: D44 D47 L94 Q40

State-Level Electricity Generation Efficiency: Do Restructuring and Regulatory Institutions Matter in the US?
Ajayi, V. and Weyman-Jones, T. (2021)

Keywords: Electricity generation, technical efficiency, marginal effect, restructuring, regulatory institutions
JEL Codes: C23 D24 L51 L94

Assessing China's Provincial Electricity Spot Market Pilot Operations: Lessons from the Guangdong Province
Liu, Y., Jiang, Z. and Guo, B. (2021)

Keywords: China power market reform, market failures, local market power, electricity spot market
JEL Codes: Q41 Q48 D61

Optimising VRE Plant Capacity in Renewable Energy Zones
Simshauser, P., Billimoria, F. and Rogers, C. (2021)

Keywords: Renewable Energy Zones, renewable generation, transmission investment
JEL Codes: D25 D80 G32 L51 Q41

The Further Economic Consequences of Brexit: Energy
Pollitt, M .G. (2021)

Keywords: Brexit, Trade and Cooperation Agreement, market coupling
JEL Codes: L94

Hayek and the Texas blackout
Littlechild, S. and Kiesling, L. (2021)

Keywords: Hayek, Texas blackout, scarcity pricing, retail electricity competition
JEL Codes: L94 L51 K23 D47 D82

Market Power and Price Exposure: Learning from Changes in Renewables Regulation
Fabra, N. and Imelda. (2021)

Keywords: market power, forward contracts, arbitrage, renewables
JEL Codes: L13 L51 Q4

Global Carbon Price Asymmetry
Ritz, R. (2021)

Keywords: Carbon leakage, carbon pricing, imperfect competition, international trade, second best
JEL Codes: H23 L11 Q54

Market power and long-term gas contracts: the case of Gazprom in Central and Eastern European Gas Markets
Chyong, C K., Reiner, D. and Aggarwal, D. (2021)

Keywords: Gazprom, European Commission, Market Power, Natural Gas, Security of Supply, Competition, Long-term contracts, Swap deals
JEL Codes: L95 L42 D47 D42 C63 P28

Identifying residential consumption patterns using data-mining techniques: A large-scale study of smart meter data in Chengdu, China
Kang, J. and Reiner, D. (2021)

Keywords: Residential electricity, household consumption behaviour, China, machine learning
JEL Codes: C55 D12 R22 Q41