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Faculty of Economics

Media Mentions & Appearances | Published on Monday, 8 August, 2022

Gabriella Santangelo, a Lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and Fellow of St John's College, has had a human capital paper published in the American Economic Review, on the Human Side of Structural Transformation. It notes that nearly half of the global decline in agricultural employment was driven by new cohorts entering the labour market.

Economics News | Published on Monday, 22 February, 2021

“Investment in early childhood is well known to be crucial for developing the child's ‘human capital.” Says Dr Rauh. “Parents invest a lot of time in their child, but the amount varies considerably, and they engage in different ways. For example, by taking their kids to visit museums or frequently reading to their children.”

Media Mentions & Appearances | Published on Wednesday, 4 July, 2018

Prof. Sheilagh Ogilvie's research is featured in the latest University's Research Horizons magazine.