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Faculty of Economics

Monday, 4 June, 2018

Dr. Meredith Crowley has given two live interviews to broadcast media outlets and been interviewed by two others regarding the US tariffs on steel and aluminium imported from the EU (including the UK) and the European threat to retaliate with its own import tariffs on US merchandise.

On 1st of June, she spoke live on AlJazeera TV on "US imposed tariffs and what’s next for the EU" and on LBC Radio (London), presented by Nick Ferrari on "US tariffs on EU steel and aluminium".

Dr. Crowley was also quoted in The New York Times in Peter S. Goodman's article "For Europe, an Unpleasant Question: Confront Trump or Avoid a Costly Trade War" and in the BBC News article "Hit them in the Harleys: EU fights Trump tariffs" on 7th June.