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Faculty of Economics

Economics Events | Published on Wednesday, 24 January, 2024
Event location: Corpus Christi College, Trumpington Street, Cambridge, CB2 1RH
Event date: Feb 15, 2024

Professor Bart Lambrecht (Judge Business School), Professor Debopam Bhattacharya (Faculty of Economics), Professor Matthew Elliott (Faculty of Economics) and Professor Meredith Crowley (Faculty of Economics) will all speak at the J M Keynes Fellowship Fund annual lecture. Please register your interest on the event page.

Media Mentions & Appearances | Published on Thursday, 28 April, 2022

Professor Vasco Carvalho's research on Production Networks, has been extensively quoted in the 2022 Economic Report of the US President, on 'Building Resilient Supply Chains'.

Economics News | Published on Thursday, 28 October, 2021

The world has recently experienced a cascade of supply-chain disruptions, and further disruptions are likely to impact consumers this Christmas, with widespread shortages emerging around the world.

Media Mentions & Appearances | Published on Thursday, 4 March, 2021

Dr. Kamiar Mohaddes was interviewed by Le Figaro newspaper about his paper "Covid-19 Fiscal Support and its Effectiveness" (joint with Alexander Chudik and Mehdi Raissi) and the 2021 Budget. Dr Mohaddes argued that there is huge amount of uncertainty at the moment, so continued fiscal support to households and firms are vital.

Media Mentions & Appearances | Published on Tuesday, 10 September, 2019

Faculty of Economics Research Associate Dr. Lu Han has been awarded the Review of World Economics Young Economist Prize 2019 for his paper "The Mutable Geography of Firms' International Trade: Evidence and Macroeconomic Implications".

Media Mentions & Appearances | Published on Wednesday, 3 July, 2019

PhD candidate Maarten de Ridder has written a VoXEU column on the slowdown of productivity growth, the decline in business dynamism, and the rise of market power. He shows that these trends can be explained by the rising use of intangible inputs such as information technology and software.

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Economics News | Published on Thursday, 20 June, 2019
Media Mentions & Appearances | Published on Tuesday, 21 June, 2016

As the referendum draws closer, many business leaders ask what Brexit would look like and what its likely impact would be on firms and industries. In a policy document for the BCG Henderson Institute, professor Tuelings along with researchers at the institute sets out a strategy for thinking about this important questions ahead of the referendum on June 23.