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Faculty of Economics

Economics Events | Published on Wednesday, 24 January, 2024
Event location: Corpus Christi College, Trumpington Street, Cambridge, CB2 1RH
Event date: Feb 15, 2024

Professor Bart Lambrecht (Judge Business School), Professor Debopam Bhattacharya (Faculty of Economics), Professor Matthew Elliott (Faculty of Economics) and Professor Meredith Crowley (Faculty of Economics) will all speak at the J M Keynes Fellowship Fund annual lecture. Please register your interest on the event page.

Economics News | Published on Tuesday, 24 October, 2023

The new research shows it would be necessary to link trade data from different countries to create an accurate global map of supply relations.

Media Mentions & Appearances | Published on Thursday, 25 May, 2023

An analysis of the UK cost of living crisis discussed by Associate Professor Flavio Toxvaerd from the Faculty of Economics on Radio Ciudad.

Economics News | Published on Friday, 28 April, 2023

“Networks are everywhere: the infrastructure that brings water into our homes, the social networks made up of our friends and families, the supply chains connecting cities, people, and goods,” says Professor Goyal, explaining that networks are cen

Media Mentions & Appearances | Published on Tuesday, 10 May, 2022

An article in Nature magazine this week notes that weak links in finance and supply chains can be easily weaponised. It quotes the paper Prof. Vasco Carvalho, Prof. Matthew Elliot and John Spray, Supply Chain Bottlenecks in a Pandemic. Which uses economic models to test networks’ robustness to external shocks or attacks

Media Mentions & Appearances | Published on Friday, 29 April, 2022

Professor Vasco Carvalho's research on Production Networks and Professor Matthew Elliott's research into Supply Network Formation and Fragility has been quoted in The Economist.

Media Mentions & Appearances | Published on Thursday, 28 April, 2022

Professor Vasco Carvalho's research on Production Networks, has been extensively quoted in the 2022 Economic Report of the US President, on 'Building Resilient Supply Chains'.

Economics News | Published on Thursday, 28 October, 2021

The world has recently experienced a cascade of supply-chain disruptions, and further disruptions are likely to impact consumers this Christmas, with widespread shortages emerging around the world.

Economics News | Published on Monday, 15 March, 2021

It is the 10 year anniversary of the Fukushima earthquake. While the subsequent tsunami destroyed coastal towns and triggered a nuclear meltdown in the city of Fukushima, it is not so much the local devastation that caused problems for the Japanese economy, but rather the disruption to nationwide supply chains that ensued.